Easy gender neutral swaps for inclusive weddings

If you are looking to have a more inclusive, gender-neutral wedding we have 6 simple changes you can make that could mean the world to the comfort of your guests.

Invites and RSVP

The first place that allows you to set the tone for your inclusive wedding is the wording on your wedding stationery. Mr and Mrs may not suit all your guests, however, an option such as Mx encompasses every person you could possibly invite. Additionally, you could reach out to your guests to confirm their preferred pronouns and put them on your place cards to make your guests feel comfortable. Another option is to bypass the honorifics entirely and just address them to your guests’ names.

Pre-wedding events

Gone are the strict gendered pre-wedding parties. You don’t need to stick to one gender (or presenting of that gender) for your hen or stag party. Rather invite who you want, or better yet have a shared party with everyone you both love!

The Venue

The Venue itself can be a great indicator of how inclusive your wedding is. From gender-neutral restrooms to accessible grounds, these simple considerations can make the day so much easier for your guests. You may not think that you need an accessible venue if none of your guests are wheelchair users, however, there are many reasons people may need a safe route (minus the stairs) through the venue – not all of them will be visual or obvious.

Dress Code

If you are choosing to share a dress code in your invites, or on your website, perhaps consider avoiding unnecessary gendered terms for clothing. A generic ‘formal dress’, ‘we would love to see you in your favourite suit, jumpsuit, or formal dress’ work just as well! Additionally, you could simply ask your guests to come in something that makes them feel comfortable if you are not overly bothered about your guests dressing smart.

Wedding Parties

Another tradition that is begging to be left in the past is gendered wedding parties. From Bridesmates, Groomsmates, Best Person, Person of Honour, Flower Child, Flower Pal, Ring Bearer, Wedding attendants, etc. There are no shortage of options for your chosen wedding party.

When it comes to yourself, make sure your DJ, celebrant, etc know that Bride and Groom/Husband and Wife are not how you wish to be addressed. Nearlyweds, To-be-weds, Partners, Spouses, Soulmates, etc. are other fantastic options.

Use inclusive Vendors

This is one you may not have considered, but choosing the right suppliers will help bring your vision together without issue. There are many suppliers to choose from that are vocal in their inclusivity, so why not check them out, and support a supplier that sees your vision?

See a recent LGBTQIA shoot for a fantastic collection of suppliers


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