Do I need a Wedding Content Creator?

We have discussed in detail how to manage social media on your wedding day, whether you choose to embrace it, or avoid it, decisions need to be made in the lead-up to your wedding day on how you will deal with it! If you want to dive head-first into social media and all it can offer you, this post is for you!

Social Media – Pros and Cons

There are many pros and cons to embracing social media on your wedding day, arguments can be made for and against including it. From hashtags to filters, to an entirely unplugged wedding, many options now need to be discussed in the run-up to your big day.

What is a Wedding Content Creator?

It is common to ask a member of your wedding party to snap some more candid photos throughout the day, not only does this give you a more well-rounded view of your day when combined with your professionally captured photographs but it lets you see more of your guests and their experiences than your photographer may be able to capture. However, as a member of your wedding party, and a guest, they will be busy experiencing your wedding too, so will often forget, or won’t have somewhere to carry a phone.

This is where a Wedding Content Creator comes in! A Wedding Content Creator is exactly as their title says, this is someone who is there to capture your wedding in a relaxed, in-the-moment way. As they have been hired to photograph your day, they will not get distracted chatting to people, posing for group shots, or drinking one too many – this means your whole day will be chronicled for you to peruse at your leisure.

Why do I need a Wedding Content Creator?

Professional photographers have justifiably large turnarounds, which provide you with gorgeously edited photographs for your walls or an album. If you want photos you can share immediately however, a Wedding Content Creator is perfect! As businesses and influencers know, Content Creators are extremely knowledgeable in how to use different social media platforms to get to results you are looking for. Additionally, they have a great eye for knowing what looks good as an image, or video, and even what works in line with trending audio.

How does it work?

Content Creators will offer different packages, and can often tailor their services based on what you are looking for. Whether it’s just to capture photos throughout your wedding day, to edit and upload throughout the day, or to follow your whole planning journey!

Things to remember

  • As with all your suppliers, ask for testimonials and portfolios for any person you are considering hiring.
  • Make sure to inform your photographer/videographer that you are planning on hiring a content creator, they may need to tweak their contract with you if it usually specifies that they are the only photography team.
  • Consider sharing your, and your supplier’s handles with everyone hired. This will allow everyone to be tagged in posts, meaning you get to see more detailed images of your florals, etc.

Would you hire a Wedding Content Creator?

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