Destination Weddings – The Pros and Cons

Are you considering having a destination wedding? It’s a popular option for couples who want to tie the knot in a unique and memorable location. However, there are both pros and cons to having a destination wedding so sit back as we help you decide if a destination wedding is the right choice for you.


Destination Location

Often the biggest highlight for couples when choosing a destination wedding is the location. Nothing can create beautiful memories quite like saying I do against a stunning backdrop along with your nearest and dearest. From a sandy beach to a breathtaking vineyard there are many options for your wedding day.

Destination Honeymoon

By extending your trip you have a built-in honeymoon at your dream location! There’s no need to rush back home when you can stay a little longer and make the most of your time away. Whether you decide to stay at the same venue/resort or move to another nearby, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to switch into honeymoon mode with your spouse.

Guest List

When planning a destination wedding you have full control over who to invite, making the guest list as large (or intimate) as you want. The travel allows you to not feel pressured into inviting relatives you haven’t seen in years, or extended family you have never met! Ensure you make it clear if you are having a child-free wedding or similar to stop any issues on the day.

Wedding Planning Ease

Planning a destination wedding can ease a lot of the stress as you are often able to plan it all through packages, leaving the hard work to your venue or wedding planner. This gives you the freedom to relax leading up to your wedding without any last minute stress.


Guest Attendance

Not all your invited guests will be able to attend a destination wedding due to cost, or not being able to get time away from work, school, etc. Additionally, you may find some guests disregard the invite list and bring uninvited plus ones or children. You may also find that guests reach out to you for details on flights and venues more often even if the information is readily available to them.

Guest Etiquette

Whilst most guests will treat your destination wedding as a combined vacation, some will take it a step further and could possibly cause a nuisance of themselves. Whether they arrive at your wedding in casual vacation clothes against your request, drink far more alcohol than they usually would, or leave early to take part in tourist plans, unfortunately, some guests will cause an issue somewhere.

Destination Legality

You will need to look into the legality of marrying in your chosen country, and how to transfer it back to the UK upon your return. Some countries have a residency requirement leading up to your wedding, or similar. You will also need to ensure that when booking your wedding you are not falling prey to a scam that will leave you not technically married on your return. In many instances, it might be easier to marry at a courthouse before or after your destination wedding.

Destination Culture

Every country has its own culture and language, whether religious or otherwise. As such it is important you research fully before you pick your destination. For instance, if you are uncomfortable with being restricted on how much your wedding dress needs to cover, or who you can be in public with, there are certain countries you should avoid for your wedding. Make sure to relay any information to your guests on culture differences they need to adhere too.

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