Everything you need to know about wedding bunting!

Everything you need to know about wedding bunting

Bunting is still one of the most popular wedding decorations – it’s simple and versitile nature enables any room to be decorated quickly and beautifully. There are so many variations on the ‘traditional bunting’ so today Nadia from Rosa May Crafts is going to tell us everything we need to know about wedding bunting!

Bunting is beautiful, it can brighten up any room and can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes! I am going to walk you through all of the bunting choices available to you to inspire your own wedding decor.

Everything you need to know about crochet wedding bunting

What types of bunting are there?

1) Embroidered and Fabric

This is the most popular bunting choice. It can be created in a variety of shapes and sizes and can work with any theme. The bunting is usually double sided with a plain fabric one side and a pattern on the other. Extra details can be added such as sequins, beads buttons or charms. Embroidered bunting is used in both conventional and unconventional wedding styles.

2) Paper

If you are looking for a last minute low cost and quick décor to fill a gap or area at your wedding, then use paper bunting. It can be made in almost any shape using plain, patterned or themed paper and is suitable for all wedding styles.

3) Macrame

Macrame is a craft using rope or twine with various knots, this bunting looks beautiful. This style would fit in well at any relaxed, boho style wedding.

4) Wooden

This option is perfect for a Rustic or Woodland Wedding and a more ecologically friendly alternative for your wedding decor. Simply use small log slices or mdf coasters with a hole drilled at the top to add the rope. To add extra effect, why not personalise it by wood burning your names or the wedding date onto it.

5) Crochet

I love this type of bunting, from your standard triangle to flowers there lots of options. You can crochet using wool or the thinner crochet cotton. Crochet bunting in bold colours can be used in colourful festival weddings. If a light, airy, romantic wedding is more your style, then go for pastel crochet bunting for a softer look.


Wooden wedding bunting ideas cambridgeshire

Wooden wedding bunting ideas

Creative ways to use bunting in your wedding theme.

1) Tropical wedding

What shouts tropical more than a pineapple! Why not creative and have pineapple shaped bunting – made out of embroidery and fabric, paper or even wood!

2) A romantic, vintage wedding

Rose shaped bunting looks beautiful in this kind of setting and can be made out of fabric, paper, wood or crochet!

3) Festival Wedding

If you are having a festival themed wedding then bright, bold bunting is a must! Use pom poms and tassles, brightly coloured wool and beads to create an amazing festival look.

festival wedding bunting ideas

Where should I hang my bunting?

There are so many ways to display your bunting, depending on your chosen venue. Bunting always looks amazing inside marquees, tipis and barns but even traditional venues can often hang bunting for their ceilings. Bunting around your ceremony or reception entrance can give a wow factor to guests as they arrive and looks great in your photos. The top table and the cake table are great places to use bunting and are a simple way to add interest. Bunting can also be used to decorate smaller areas such as your seating plan or gift table, or even the backs of chairs.

macrame wedding bunting ideas

4. How should I hang my bunting?

1) From the centre.

If you are having a marquee or tipi wedding then choose a centre point and then hang your fabric out ro the various corners and edges of the space.

2) Around the edge

You can use bunting to decorate the full perimeter of your room, or zig zag the bunting across.

3) On the top table

Use your bunting to decorate the front and sides of the top table with a simple draping effect.

4) On the cake table

Use smaller bunting for this table and drape it all around. Consider using more than one row for an extra wow factor.

5) The Seating plan

Add small bunting to the top of the seating plan, and consider adding bunting to decorate the seating plan stand too!

6) Outside

Of course you don’t have to limit your bunting to the inside of your venue as it works well outside too. Use nature and hang bunting between trees or across fence posts.

There are so many ways to get creative with bunting, the only limit is your imagination! Just remember to always seek advice and permission from your wedding venue before you start to hang it!

Thanks Nadia for all of your amazing tips, I hadn’t considered all of the creative ways bunting could be used. If you need any help then get in touch with Rosa May Crafts, or get inspired and check out our bunting ideas on Pinterest.


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