5 reasons to book classical musicians for your wedding ceremony

5 reasons to book classical musicians for your wedding ceremony_engageweddings.co.uk

You often know what song you will walk down the aisle to, it’s the song, the one that always makes you smile, the one the two of you love! Tailor Made Music Agency are joining us today to break down why you should book classical musicians to play you down the aisle.

Music plays a big part in most wedding ceremonies. Deciding on the piece of music you or your partner will walk down the aisle to is one of the most important decisions you will make when planning your wedding. It will be the moment you play through in your head over and over as you look forward to the big day! It is easy enough to put on a recording of your favourite song, but the moment can be truly magical when that song is performed by live musicians. Here are some of the reasons you should consider booking classical musicians for your wedding ceremony:

1. Personalisation

The old classical favourites like Pachelbel’s Canon in D and Mendelssohn’s Wedding March are still popular for those seeking a traditional ceremony. But classical doesn’t have to mean old fashioned. Classical musicians are exceptionally versatile, and it is possible to arrange many different types of music in a classical style. Whether it’s Ave Maria, Frank Sinatra, Bruno Mars or Elbow, you can throw them all in without the risk of it sounding disjointed. The classical instrumental style will bring a sense of continuity while still creating different moods for different parts of the ceremony.

Tailor Made Music Agency provides a bespoke service, offering you a personal consultation to help you choose the perfect music and musicians for your wedding. Pianists and string quartets are particularly good at playing upbeat pop and soft rock arrangements, while harpists, flautists, cellists and violinists are great for romantic pop ballads. If there is one song you or your fiancée have always dreamt of walking down the aisle to, the chances are a classical musician or ensemble can arrange it for you.

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2. Adaptability

Live performers can adapt the music in real-time. This is particularly important for the processional at the start of the ceremony, as every venue is different, and everybody walks at different speeds! A recording cannot be slowed down or sped up on the day to match your walking speed. It might also be too long or too short, leaving you to walk the last bit in silence or to hear it fade out just as it gets to your favourite bit! Live musicians can adapt on the day; for example, they can play an extra verse if needed or slow down if the original song is too fast. Our experienced classical wedding ensembles will prepare for this in advance and will have subtle signals to instruct one another of changes to be made during the performance.

Photo Credit:  Stephen Swain

Photo Credit: Stephen Swain

3. A one-off performance

You can listen to recorded music any time, but how often do you enjoy hearing classical musicians perform live? Your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life. You want it to be individual, unique and special, and it will be in so many ways. One of the joys of live music is that you hear it as it is produced. That moment can never be repeated, just like the moment you first look at one another from either end of the aisle, or the moment you say your vows. A classical musician will feed off the energy in the room, in a way that no recording can, and bring the emotion of the day into their performance.

4. Skill and talent

Becoming a professional classical musician is no mean feat! At Tailor Made Music Agency, we keep the quality exceptionally high. We only use musicians who have been music college-trained and are working professionally in the classical music industry. This means somewhere between four and eight years of intensive, specialist training, studying with the world’s best teachers and performers, and a lifetime of dedication to their art. Those who make it in this highly competitive industry do so through a perfect blend of talent and hard work. You want to wow your guests and make your wedding ceremony one to remember. What’s more impressive than experiencing first-hand the skill and talent of classical artists who are at the top of their game?

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5. Incredible atmosphere

It is difficult to overstate the part that live music will play in creating the atmosphere at your wedding ceremony. It can create a lovely, relaxed feeling as your guests arrive and take their seats (and calm your nerves if needed!). It can capture the emotion of the second you first make eye contact with your husband or wife-to-be. It reflects the outpouring of joy and happiness as you walk back down the aisle as a married couple, surrounded by friends and family. The music will be there to enhance every moment – the soundtrack to your ceremony. It will not only remind you of all the things that took place and the words that were spoken; it will also remind you of how they made you feel. Those feelings will come back to you every time you hear or think about those songs.

Photo Credit: Stephen Swain

Photo Credit: Stephen Swain

Thank you to Rosie from Tailor Made Music Agency for your fantastic tips on why you should book classical musicians for your big day. Don’t wait, contact Tailor Made Music to get a quote today!

What track will you be walking down the aisle to? Tell us in the comments.

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