Ceremony Reading Inspiration: How to Make a Beautiful Life Together

It may be hard to find the origins of this wedding reading, but it doesn’t take away from its beauty! Perfect for an older relative who often shares marriage tips, or words of wisdom.

How to Make a Beautiful Life Together: Reflections on Marriage for the Bride and Groom

Let love be your shelter.
The world is noisy and confusing at times,
So make a home that is a haven, a peaceful place where you can
listen to your hearts and savour the comfortable closeness you share.

No matter how busy your days may be, make time for yourselves.
Hold hands.
Surprise each other.
Find little chances every day to show you’re grateful to be partners,
to be friends, to be married.

Life is not perfect.
You will make mistakes,
but each time you meet life’s challenges together,
you will grow wiser, stronger, and surer of your love.

Cherish your yesterdays.
They are irreplaceable souvenirs of your journey through life.
Make memories that will bring smiles and sighs whenever you look back.
(Look back often!)

Look forward, too.
Dream together. Plan together.
Make promises to keep.
Believe in your tomorrows,
because tomorrows are what forever is made of.

To make love last, put each other first.
That is the way to make a beautiful life together,
the kind of life you both deserve so much.

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