Destination Weddings – The Pros and Cons

Are you considering having a destination wedding? It's a popular option for couples who want to tie the knot in a unique and memorable location. However, there are both pros and cons to having a destination wedding so sit back as we help you decide if a destination wedding is the right choice for you.

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6 Tips for Fighting the Post-Wedding Blues

For some couples wedding planning can take place over multiple years, meaning post-wedding blues are extremely common in couples, although rarely spoken about! Add these ideas to your wedding planning list, and ensure YOU can fight off the blues.

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Real Wedding in Warwickshire

Rachel KNOWS weddings, having shot over 150 weddings herself under Veiled Productions! Rachel and Pete started their wedding planning journey in 2021, following moving house and welcoming their son. Today Rachel shares their journey from the engagement to the wedding day.

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15 books for your honeymoon reading list

We love a good book, and your honeymoon can be the perfect opportunity to pick up a new one, whether you finish a book a week or you last picked one up during school! With tablets and phones offering easy access to books, you don't even have to make space in your bag. From a cute love story to epic fantasy, to everything in between, with our 15 choices, one is bound to be the perfect book for your flight or beach reading.

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Amazing Northern Lights Honeymoons

Winter weddings are wonderful and have a magical feel to them, and you can carry this magical experience with a minimoon to see the Northern Lights. Having the chance to see the Northern Lights is mesmerising and the perfect holiday for a romantic escape.

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Honeymoon planning – where to start?

Your honeymoon is going to be a once in a lifetime trip (unless you are planning on multiple honeymoons!), it’s your first trip as a married couple, and potentially the most important trip you can take.It can be hard to know where to go, or even where to start with...

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Top 5 UK Familymoon Destinations

Are you thinking about spending your honeymoon with your children but do not fancy going abroad yet want something special still? Do not worry as we have Penny from Suitcase Travel with her top recommendations of places to go to and accommodation. Each place is perfect a UK familymoon as there is lots to do that everyone will enjoy doing. Penny has not forgotten about the adults, there are options available where the adults can spend some quality time together still.

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6 Luxury Hotels for your Greek Honeymoon

A lot of couples do go further afield than Europe for their honeymoon but in recent months, Penny from Suitcase Travel has seen a real trend to stick to Europe and going all out for a luxury hotel for the best experience. It makes perfect sense as you don’t have a long flight and jet lag to deal with. Plus, it fits in perfectly with the weather with our summer weddings for those that definitely want to go on their honeymoon straight after their wedding day.

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