Can a wedding be both rustic and refined?

Is it possible to merge two contrasting styles such as rustic and refined for your wedding day? It isn’t impossible! Let us guide you through the process of planning a wedding that’s both rustic and refined, so you can have the best of both worlds.

Define what you want

The first step is to define what rustic and refined elements are important to you and your partner. Is it the clothing and floral arrangements? Is it the venue location? What parts do you both want to keep in your wedding planning mood board, this can help build a visual representation of your ideal wedding day.

Your venue

Your venue can make or break your rustic meets refined wedding theme. The more on-theme your wedding venue is, the less work your decor choices need to make! You may even find that you can strip your decor budget back if your venue already provides your dream aesthetic backdrop.

The luxury elements

Once you have picked which elements of your wedding will add the luxury factor, make sure to let them be a showstopper on your big day. Whether its the gown, the flowers, the cake, or even the invitations, go all out on that element so it compliments the rustic design elsewhere.

Your food choices

Stripping your food back to a more minimal menu will allow the food you’ve chosen to really shine. A minimal menu always screams luxury when handled correctly, especially if your caterer has an ethical approach to their produce. Locally sourced food will add a touch of rustic to your wedding food.


Your florals are the most perfect place to encapsulate rustic meets refined. In fact, a great florist can capture the essence in both large and small arrangements. Seasonal florals with a wild undertone can tell a story on their own, which can only emphasise your wedding day theme.

What elements of refined, and rustic would you pick for your wedding day?


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