Are your wedding flowers British?


Are your wedding flowers british


Your wedding day is a huge time in your life and it’s easy to get carried away with spending.  Often flowers get left until the end and before you know it there’s not enough budget left for a really important part of your day.  Flowers make memories and will be captured forever in your photography as well as in yours and your guests minds. When I got married it was a bit of a wake up call to find out that some flowers are only available at certain times of year, I just assumed I could have anything I wanted! When choosing my flowers I hadn’t even considered where in the world they came from, I just assumed they were grown locally, but perhaps I had it all wrong! In an age when we are all thinking more about the environment, and where things come from, perhaps it’s time to start thinking about our flowers with a different frame of mind.

Today local flower farmer Emma from Urban Flower Farmer is going to challenge us on why buying British could be the best option, so don’t be afraid to chat to your florist about what they source their flowers.

Photo credit: Emma Davies Photography

Photo credit: Emma Davies Photography

Do you know where your flowers are coming from?

I have been a florist for over 10 years, at first I created flowers for friends and family and that has grown into a thriving business. I have always loved what I do, but I increasingly became aware of where the beautiful flowers were coming from, usually imported from around the world. This went against everything I ever believed in.  I buy organic, locally grown food where possible, so why was I happy to use flowers that had been flown thousands of miles and sprayed with numerous chemicals in order that they survived their long journey before they actually arrived on my customers table.

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Should you buy local?

I started to research where I could buy locally grown British flowers…the simple answer was that it was not as easy as it sounds.  There are an ever growing number of flower farmers appearing all over the UK, thanks to networks like Flowers From The Farm and The British Flower Collective, and yes there are a few that can deliver all the way from Cornwall to my studio door, but I missed the feeling of visiting my local flower market, seeing what was in stock and  being hands on in selecting my blooms.  After much research, I embarked on ‘growing’ my own.  It’s been a steep learning curve but it’s amazing to be able to offer my clients locally and ethically grown flowers on their special day,. They will have a constant reminder of their gorgeous flowers growing in the gardens and hedgerows around them because they are seasonal, local and British. 

Photo credit: Caroline Opacic Photography

Photo credit: Caroline Opacic Photography

If you can – buy British!

As a member of Flower from The Farm I am passionate about promoting wonderful British flowers, there are so many benefits! Firstly there are varieties you can’t get anywhere else.  The flowers are super fresh, cut, conditioned and arranged within a blink of an eye.  They are often scented which is something that has gradually been bred out of imported flowers.  They have a wonderful movement to them, often with naturally bendy stems which make arrangements wonderfully vibrant and exciting.  I am certainly not saying I don’t use imported flowers….there is a place for them and I am happy to admit I use them when I need to, but I always try to encourage my brides to use seasonal blooms before anything else.  Buying British can also be cost effective.  With the recent uncertain times and fluctuating pound, imports have become increasingly expensive and prices can be unpredictable.  British growers are able to maintain stable prices which means your florist can cost your flowers without adding on those unpredictable price hikes from imported flowers.  Finally and most importantly you know where your flowers come from.  You know you have done your best to be kind to the environment and you will get the most wonderful and special flowers for what is one of the most special days of your life.  

Written by Emma, The Urban Flower Farmer.

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