How Many People Should I bring To a Bridal Appointment?

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Listen up brides! We’ve got an important question to answer! It’s one that all brides have asked themselves as they think about starting to shop for their wedding dress. We all want the Hollywood version of trying it on dresses, having your mom and best friend burst into tears in unison when you reveal the gown of your dreams. But what if you have a wedding party of 10 and they are all your ‘best friend’, and what about your mother in law, you don’t want her to feel left out, or your childhood best friend who is in town this weekend, or your neighbour, or your dog?!!! Where to you draw the line?! Who will be helpful and who will be hurtful? Let’s listen to what Townhouse Bridal has to say- they may have done an appointment or two before;)

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First things first, dates in the diary.

Think about the last time you tried to book a group of people to do something on a weekend. People are busy and finding a time that works for everyone is HARD work. Likely not everyone will be able to make the allotted date, and then you’ll have to start your process off disappointing someone or feeling like you’re choosing one person over another. This is a terrible way to start the biggest shop of your life.

Secondly, space.

Unfortunately on our tiny island of England, space is often an issue. Bridal boutiques come in all shapes and sizes, many small, and some large, but both have limited space for one appointment. In larger boutiques, there are often multiple appointments running at the same time, while in smaller boutiques too many guests can interfere with your ability to shop the dresses comfortably. In order for you and your entourage to be comfortable in the appointment, consider the space given to each bridal appointment.

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Next, organised chaos… or just sheer chaos.

Just as you and your friends walk into a shop on the high street and all dart into different directions, same goes for the bridal boutique. While it works when you are buying a new cute top, it works less when buying your wedding dress. Believe it or not, the bridal consultant is actually skilled in what they do, and they really will help guide the appointment in the direction it needs to go… towards the brides wishes and ultimately the perfect dress FOR HER. Often with a lot of guests, there is a lot of pulling of dresses all over the shop, and a lot of extra suggestions/questions even though these where likely already addressed by the bridal consultant. What could have been an enjoyable appointment with the bride at the centre, has now turned into guest management and a confused bride.

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This leads us to “Too many cooks in the kitchen”.

It’s a great metaphor that works in so many situations, because in many cases, less is more. Too many people means too many opinions. While it’s important to have second opinions while you shop for the most important clothing purchase you’ll ever make, too many second opinions can make you feel more confused. If you don’t believe me watch an episode of “Say Yes to the Dress”, it’s a tv show for a reason- the DRAMA! In order to avoid drama in your own appointment, choose carefully which opinions you want to hear and which ones you actually value.

And finally, feeling the pressure.

If you are wanting to bring a lot of people to your appointment, stop and ask yourself if they said they hated the dress of your dreams, would you feel comfortable still choosing it. If the answer is no, they probably shouldn’t come. It’s difficult to go against what people say, especially for some brides who will put others wishes above there own. Having friends with strong opinions can easily sway some brides leaving them disappointed in the long run. You do NOT want to regret this purchase so don’t bring people who are likely to push you away from what you really want.

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So what’s the answer to the question then?

Here at Townhouse Bridal we recommend 2-3 guests per bridal appointment as a maximum, and we have a comfy sofa all ready for them. We want you to have a great experience while you find your perfect dress, so keep in mind “quality over quantity” when choosing who you want to come with you. Save the craziness for the hen-do!

Thanks so much Townhouse Bridal for giving our brides invaluable advice. It really can save the bridal appointment and help the whole shopping process go so much smoother if you can keep your guests to a minimum.

Who did you end up bringing to your bridal appointments? What it helpful or hurtful? Let us know in the comments below.


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