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Ceremony Reading Inspiration: One Hundred Years of Solitude

This ceremony reading may be short, but it certainly packs a punch! Despite being written in 1967, One Hundred Years of Solitude is still as quotable today as it has ever been. Known as one of the supreme achievements in literature, this is a book that should be quoted.

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Behind the scenes with your floral designs

One of the staples of a wedding day, your floral arrangements can be a fantastic visual representation of the wedding vibe you are looking to portray. As with all wedding suppliers, no two are the same. With a little search, you will be able to find the perfect florist that can provide you with your dream florals on your wedding day.

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5 Unconventional Wedding Themes

When choosing your theme or colour palette for your wedding day, you might find that the more traditional themes don't suit you as a couple. Here are 5 unconventional themes that might just be perfect for your wedding day.

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6 tips for Unique Bridesmaid Styling

If you are looking for a way to choose a more unique styling option for your Bridal Party, we have some great places to start. Most brides want their Bridesmaids or Bridesmen to feel comfortable on their wedding day, and choose an outfit they can wear again! Not only is it more sustainable, but it is good form if your bridal party is paying for their own outfits.

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Ceremony Reading Inspiration: I Love you because

Country star Jim Reeves released I love you because in the 1950s, and it is just as romantic today as it was then! The lyrics are perfect for a modern wedding, whether you are a fan of 1950s country or not. Having a browse of the lyrics will highlight just how timeless it truly is.

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How to plan a Boho wedding

One wedding theme that has proven itself as timeless, and just as relevant today as it was in the 60s is the bohemian wedding! This style actually works wonderfully for a UK wedding, as it is as beautiful on a rainy day, as a sunny one. For tips on planning your very own boho wedding, and some stunning inspiration check out todays blog.

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