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What is a wedding community vow of support?

Are you looking for a way to include your friends and family in your wedding ceremony? Celebrant, Mary from The Celebrant Angel has joined us today to share a fabulous way to include all your guests with your ceremony!

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20 alternative first dance songs

If you look at any list of first dance songs, you will always find artists such as John Legend, Adele, Ed Sheeran, and maybe even Michael Buble. Whilst these artists have some beautiful songs that capture the emotions of falling in love, you might be looking for something a little different for your wedding day. Whatever your taste, we are sure one of these 20 choices could inspire you!

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Unique Wedding Invitations that Pop Out – Literally!

Fully bespoke services are essential for couples looking to plan their wedding, and for good reason. Weddings are very personal to the couple, and it is for this reason they would want to look into services that can make not only their wedding day special but also everything else that comes before and after it. This includes the wedding stationery and invitations, which are the guests’ first glimpse of your personality together as a couple and also a way to give them a ‘taster’ of the wedding celebration to come which they can look forward to. Let’s take a look at fully bespoke wedding stationery/invitation services by Pop Up Occasions UK and why you need them.

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Wedding Colour Scheme’s you may not have thought of

Each wedding is as unique as your relationship, including the colour scheme you choose! To help you narrow your wedding colour palette down, we selected four styled shoots providing a range of colours and aesthetics. From opulence to Sustainability, we have managed to pack a great mix into this small selection!

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20 questions your wedding guests will probably ask

There are always specific questions that your guests will ask in the lead-up to your wedding day, often from the day you announce your engagement. Many of them will be obvious questions, but some will be entirely original. Answering the same question multiple times can be quite a time-consuming task. To help, we have gathered 20 common questions that you should aim to answer in your invitations, on your website, or over email.

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10 wedding guest book alternatives

There are so many unique wedding guest book ideas out there, from the truly wacky to the very niche. So if a traditional guest book is not your style, keep scrolling for 10 alternative ideas.

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What to expect from your Bridesmaid

Choosing your bridal party is one of the most exciting parts of your early wedding planning. Your bridal party will be the ones to help you throughout the planning process and be there by your side to help you celebrate your wedding day. If you are not sure what is acceptable to expect from your bridal party, fear not, we have put together some top tips to help you navigate.

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Wedding planning round-up, Making your planning easy

If you are planning a wedding around work and social, you probably don't want to spend time searching through pages and pages of search results to get the answers to your questions. To help make your whole planning experience as smooth as possible, I have collected some fantastic posts from across Vicinity Weddings to help make your wedding planning journey fun and easy.

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15 books for your honeymoon reading list

We love a good book, and your honeymoon can be the perfect opportunity to pick up a new one, whether you finish a book a week or you last picked one up during school! With tablets and phones offering easy access to books, you don't even have to make space in your bag. From a cute love story to epic fantasy, to everything in between, with our 15 choices, one is bound to be the perfect book for your flight or beach reading.

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