3 bespoke ideas to preserve your wedding memories

3 bespoke ideas to preserve your wedding memories_engageweddings.co.uk.png

The thing you will be constantly told leading up to your wedding day is that it goes by so fast you need to make sure you enjoy every moment! So how do you make sure you remember the details for years to come? The ones that your photographs don’t capture? Alessia from Ali’s Paper has joined us to share some besoke ideas for preserving your wedding memories.

USB Case:  Ali’s Paper

USB Case: Ali’s Paper



Leading up to your wedding day you will find yourself making multiple lists to keep on top of your planning. However don’t overlook keeping a booklet to make notes on the build up towards your special day. Keep these and create a time capsule of your wedding, looking back on them and seeing how you were feeling, or the fantastic things that happened will be something you can do together for years to come.

Pre Wedding momentos_Alis Paper

Pre Wedding momentos_Will you be my Bridesmaid_Alis Paper

Custom Boxes: Ali’s Paper

Custom Boxes: Ali’s Paper

You can also share the magic of a beautiful keepsake by using a bespoke box to ask your friend to be your maid of honour, bridesmaid, best man or groomsmen. After all, they may not be getting married, but they are a big part of your wedding day too.


On your wedding day

Consider having a beautiful bespoke guest book comissioned to match your wedding theme. Choosing the perfect paper, colour and embellishments to match your dream day. It will be wonderful to look back over the notes and advice from your closest family and friends, especially as you may not get a chance to peak to everyone during the day. Reading the kind messages from your loved ones will help you recapture the magic of your wedding day.

Wedding day momentos_Bespoke Guest book_Alis Paper

Wedding day momentos_Guest book_Red and White_Alis Paper

Wedding day momentos_Bespoke Guest book Beige_Alis Paper

Guest Books: Ali’s Paper

Guest Books: Ali’s Paper


After your wedding day

Nothing is more special after your wedding day than looking through your photos and reliving the day. Having your favourites printed and hung are always the first step, but what to do with the rest of them? Afterall, you still want to see the full day in all its glory. Thats where different designs from Ali’s Paper come in handy, as there is the perfect option for every couple. You could pick a more traditional photo album that looks beuatiful on your coffee table, and makes a lovely gift for you closest family members, or even a simple elegant box to store your photos in. If space is something you lack, why not consider a beautiful box to store your USB in?

Wedding Day Photos_Bespoke Photo Album_Alis Paper

Wedding Day Photos_USB Case_Alis Paper

Wedding Day Photos_Bespoke USB Case_Alis Paper

Wedding Day Photos_Personalised USB Case_Alis Paper

Custom Pieces: Ali’s Paper

Custom Pieces: Ali’s Paper

Wedding Day Photos_Rustic USB Case_Alis Paper


Be sure to speak with Alessia at
Ali’s Paper to discuss your bespoke bookbinding needs, from individual peices to a full wedding set (as below).


Wedding Day Photos_Wedding Day Set_Alis Paper

Books and Boxes: Ali’s Papers

Books and Boxes: Ali’s Papers


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