Autumn Flower Trends

Autumn Flower

With the days getting shorter and the leaves changing it means only one thing… Autumn is just around the corner! For some people, this means the months of hot chocolate drinking and hibernation start. As a florist it means a change in what flowers I get to play with! So, I want to share what the change in season’s means to floristry and how to use it to its full potential.


Using colours that portray the season you’re getting married in can work really well, especially if you’re wanting to have lots of natural pictures taken outside. It means there is continuity throughout your wedding. For autumn you need to focus on shades of yellows, oranges and reds mixed in with different greens. These are the typical colours for this time of year.

There are so many different types of flowers that can hold their own in this colour scheme. I’m going to go through a few my favourites!

The classic rose

 If you’re looking for a beautiful orange rose one of my favourite to use is ‘Naranga’. It is quite a bright colour so may not work if you’re looking for a darker shade, however, it has lots of petals meaning it is a large flower that opens beautifully. It also has a wonderful scent, which sadly is hard to come by in modern roses. The rose ‘Cherry Brandy’ is a mixed colour from a light orange into a dark orange, almost red in colour. This is a nice rose if you’re looking for a mixed colour pallet. If you’re looking for a red rose, then look no further than the classic ‘Naomi’, they are a wonderful deep colour which open into a nice large flower. If you’re wanting to contrast with something even darker have a look at ‘Black Baccara’. They have a dark red centre moving into a black on the edge of the petals. Do be warned though, if you google this variety the pictures you find are often edited! So, if you’re interested ask your florist to show you an accurate picture.


A beautiful statement flower perfect for an early autumn wedding or event. Using them throughout your wedding can create a big impact. They can be used in bouquets and table arrangements. Just be aware if you are wanting them in your bridal bouquet they can be very large and heavy! Also, don’t forget they don’t just come in yellow! ‘Sunrich’ is one of the most common varieties used, and is typically what you think of as a standard sunflower. ‘Sonja’ is a lovely miniature sunflower variety. For something more unusual have a look at ‘Teddy Bear’ which is a fluffy variety or ‘Prado Red’ for a totally different colour!



Dahlias are available from late summer into October. They have a huge variety of colours from yellow into deep burgundy. They also come in different flower types; single (a single row of petals around the centre of the flower), standard (double blooms with broad petals), pompom (small flower heads with many petals which curl to create a rounded head) and spider (narrow petals with a spiky look). Using many Dahlias of different colours and types can create a really unique look for your wedding day. You can also get some beautiful British grown Dahlias!!

Don’t think you are only able to use these colours for an autumn theme though. I think any deep colour will work perfectly, one of my favourites is dark plum. Have a look at Calla lilies for the perfect colour. Also experiment with reds and plums together for something extra special.

Calla lilies.jpg


It can be really good fun to experiment with textures at this time of year. A rustic, natural style fits in really well with Autumn. Using contorted willow in arrangements can add extra height. One other type of wood I love to use is birch. Birch has a lovely silvery bark and its naturally straight stem means it’s very versatile and can be used for arches or stands.

One unusual flower with a rustic feel is Brassica (yes, I do mean cabbage). They come in a few colours, mostly greens with whites and purples. They come with either a smooth leaf or a ‘frilly’ look. They can be used as a focal flower or some like to use them as a foliage. Don’t be scared to use them in your bridal bouquet if you want something unique!

Explore props using brass and copper colours. These have been popular all year and will continue throughout the coming season. The warm colours work perfectly with the oranges and reds. Some different props easily available to hire from your florist include, arrangement stands or containers, candelabras and candle sticks. Also have a look at matching décor throughout your table setting with napkin rings and place settings (charger plates).

Feathers and antlers! Two of my favourite things to play with. I even have a red deer skull called Gerard (yes, he has a name) that my brides and grooms can hire to decorate their venue with or without flowers. He is definitely a talking point and perfect for an Autumnal wedding. Incorporating feathers is amazing for adding texture. Pheasant feathers are the most suitable for this time of year, they are long and work well in both bridal work and table arrangements. Combining the different shades of browns works so well with the contrasting reds and oranges.

red deer skull

I hope this has filled you with inspiration for your wedding this autumn or for the years to come. Did you get married in the autumn? Let us know what flowers you used in the comments below.

This post was written by: Sophie Ayres, Floral Designer at SAFloristry based locally in Bedfordshire. To find out more about how to book Sophie for your wedding, use the links below.

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    Ahh this is a great article! I love love love it! Some of these ideas are so simple but sooooo beautiful! I am definitely going to have steal one (or maybe even a few) of these ideas for my own big day! Also can we all please just take a minute to talk about how insanely gorgeous those colours are! This is literal wedding goals! Gahhh wedding planning is so stressful. The struggle to get that luxury wedding dream fairytale affair is real. I know everyone says it but there’s just so so so much to think about! I really think I might just hire a wedding/events planner. I’m just not very good at this whole thing! Plus my fiance is just no help at all (I mean I love him to pieces but when it comes to organising things he’s as useless as a chocolate teapot). Does anyone actually know of any good party wedding planners? I don’t want the ceremony planned, just the after party bit as that’s where I’m really struggling the most! I read in a magazine about a company called Scarlet Events (this is their site: ) Has anyone used them or been to a party where they’ve hosted? Obviously they look great but I really wanted to read some reviews from fellow brides and wedding goers first! So if anyone has been to any of their events I would love you forever if you could give me any reviews and opinions on them! Thanks everyone! (Sorry for the long post – just call me bridezilla – my fiance does!) x


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