A Guide to Grooms Attire

The groom’s attire is just as important as the bride’s but often doesn’t get the same amount of focus. From the style of the suit to the choice of tie, there are many factors to consider when selecting the perfect outfit for your big day. This guide will help you choose the perfect outfit to look and feel your best on your special day.

The Venue

The first consideration for any outfit choice is the venue/style of your wedding. This will ensure you complement the aesthetics of your wedding day, including your spouse and wedding party. Is your wedding a more traditional affair? It likely wouldn’t seem appropriate to wear a red suit. Are your mood board visuals leaning into a carefree rustic vibe? A full tuxedo would look quite out of place.

The Material

When picking out the perfect suit your material choice is key in ensuring you are comfortable throughout the day. The season that your wedding is planned for is the best place to start when choosing suit material. If you have a Spring/Summer wedding you may find suits made of linen or cotton are the ideal option. Not only will they help battle the heat, but the material’s movement will feel more bohemian – perfect to avoid getting too hot on the dancefloor. An Autumn/Winter wedding screams for richer material. You may opt for an elegant option such as velvet or wool, giving a more traditional touch.

The Colours

As with the material, the colour(s) can be seasonally driven to help keep you cooler in the warmer months. Beige, Pastels, Light Gray and other lighter colours are perfect for Spring/Summer weddings. On the other hand, Velvet suits look stunning in jewel shades such as red, green, navy, or emerald.

This is also an important place to work alongside your spouse to meet the planned colour palette for your wedding day. Selecting a few colours you are both happy with is the first step of wedding planning, and will be used across all aspects of your wedding styling.

The Accessories

Pocket Squares, Watches, and Buttonholes are all the perfect places to add your personality to your wedding attire but are not required. Picking what works for you is the key to an outfit that visually inspires. Wearing your shoes in the leadup to your wedding day will ensure they are comfortable for a day’s wear, most of which you will be on your feet. It’s also worth testing that the soles allow you to dance the night away.

Personal grooming is another consideration for your wedding day, as you want to look your best self. Making a big change to your hair (including facial hair) is not advisable without testing it out months in advance. There would be nothing worse than shaving the day before only to realise you hate the way it looks!

What not to wear

Ultimately you don’t want to wear anything that makes you uncomfortable. Whilst this post has assumed you will wear a suit, that isn’t set in stone. If it works for your wedding, and your spouse is happy with it, your wedding attire could be a smart pair of jeans and a shirt, or similar. You do not want your wedding day clothing to feel like a costume, you should be able to feel your best self. Look for something that calls to you, matches your personality, and complements your spouse and wedding party.


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