8 tips for groomsmen styling

If you are in the midst of wedding planning, but are unsure where to start when it comes to choosing your groomsmen (or groomsmen alternative) outfits, we have eight great tips to streamline the whole process for you!

Budget thoughts

If you ask your groomsmen to pay for their own suits, consider their personal budgetary needs when browsing for their outfits. It might be more appropriate to rent suits, opt for a two-piece, or even a less formal style (theme and venue dependant). If you are paying for the suits, keep in mind the overall cost and ensure it aligns with the budgets you agreed to and laid out at the beginning of the planning process (see our checklist here).

Does it have to match?

Many grooms opt for their groomsmen to wear a specific colour, colour palette, or style but are happy for each groomsman to pick something that works for them. This has become more and more popular, especially as couples step away from a more traditional and formal style of older wedding requirements. Additionally, most grooms want to stand apart from their groomsmen so will likely wear a different colour or style. This is a great way to have fun with your outfits and let everyone’s personality shine through.

Bridesmaid outfits

Another place to look for inspiration is the bridesmaid outfits. Selecting from a similar colour palette, or style theme will keep the wedding cohesive and look fantastic in your photos. Your groomsmen could be wearing ties in the same shades as the bridesmaid dresses, or something else simple to help tie (no pun intended) the wedding party together.

Consider the season

Alongside considering the style of the venue when planning your groomsmen outfits, make sure to keep the time of year in mind! If you are getting married in the height of Summer, it may be more appropriate to skip the suit jacket to avoid anyone feeling uncomfortable, or overheated. On the other hand, a Winter wedding may make a wool suit jacket the top choice, or even a style or colour of the coat they may need to wear.

Something fun

If you want to spice things up whilst staying on theme, you could look at novelty socks, or a fun tie for you and your groomsmen to wear for the wedding, or reception. You could incorporate whatever you choose into the wedding party gifts traditionally given (if you wish to follow this tradition).

Shoe talk

Formal shoes are certainly not the only option for your groomsmen. If the theme/venue allows it why not pick some clean converse, loafers, or cohesive trainers? Not only will it help your groomsmen feel more comfortable, but its perfect for hitting the dancefloor later on!

Give yourself time

Order, rent or decide on your outfits in good time, this allows for alterations and anything else that may crop up! It also means you can tick something of your wedding planning list early on, and gives you more time to devote to other areas of planning.


Communicate with your partner throughout to ensure that everything is cohesive and running to a good timeline. Share your ideas with each other to make surethe wedding party works together as a whole, guaranteeing some wonderful wedding photos that you can cherish!

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