7 unique wedding entertainment ideas

If you’ve been to a lot of weddings recently, you may be trying to think of something more unique for your wedding day entertainment. From magicians to artists, there is a wonderful range of entertainment options open to you. We have scoured the internet and come up with 7 alternative options for you to consider.

Looking for some great wine bar alternatives?

A Magician

If you are looking for a more magical wedding entertainment, you can’t go wrong with a magician. Perfect for your reception, or cocktail hour, a magician will get all your guests talking. From pure entertainment to trying to work out how it happened, even the most serious of your guests will enjoy seeing up-close magic. An extra pro for magicians is the lack of set-up required, meaning they can easily work around your venue and your schedule.

Live painting, drawing and illustration

A live artist can generate a fabulous atmosphere for your wedding day. Your chosen artist will create an artistic representation of your wedding day. Whether that’s your ceremony, the first dance, the speeches, your gown, or even your florals, there will be an artist for anything you can dream of. Not only will you have a stunning keepsake of your wedding day to frame and keep, but your guests will love watching it come to life!

Circus Entertainment

If you wish to go down the circus entertainment route, there are so many options. Acrobats, burlesque dancers, fire breathers, and more are all available to hire for your wedding day. Want to get your guests involved? Look into a circus workshop that will let your guests learn a skill during your evening reception or cocktail hour. You are sure to capture some great photos and elicit ALOT of laughs.

Interactive photo booth

Photo booths are always a big hit at your evening reception. You can find photo booths in vintage campers, trailers, and more! Whilst this wedding entertainment option can be quite a common one, there are so many different options for you to hire you are guaranteed to find something unique.

Bouncy Castle

There is NO age limit when it comes to a bouncy castle, whilst this isn’t the most unique suggestion, it is still a fantastic entertainment option! You can guarantee it won’t just be filled with children once a drink or two has been consumed (drunk guests should view the bouncy castle only to avoid any injuries).

A Ceilidh

We’ve shared in detail why a Ceilidh could be perfect for your wedding day, and honestly, it is a fun way to get your guests up on their feet and dancing. This wedding entertainment is something that all your guests can get involved with. Even those that are more reserved will get up and boogie!

Petting Zoo

From reptiles to farm animals to rabbits, there are ethical petting zoos for a broad range of animals. If your venue doesn’t have anything like this to offer (often an option if your venue is also a working farm), then speak to them about the possibility of bringing some animals in for your wedding day.


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