7 of the best wedding gift lists

Picking a wedding gift can be tough when the couple already lives together and don’t need the traditional homeware. A wedding gift list can be a lifesaver for guests and means you only get gifts you want, Win-win!
We searched through multiple options, narrowing it down to these 7, meaning at least one will be perfect for you.


Patchwork allows you to choose what you want to ask your guests to contribute towards, from artwork for your house to a road trip across America! Friends and family can decide how they want to help and even what currency to use. Patchwork is fun and interactive, with templates to make the whole experience effortless. (Check the fees before using)

The Wedding Shop

The Wedding Shop is unrivalled. Not only can you visit the London showroom for inspiration, but you will have a gift guru to help you build your list. The Wedding Shop has an easy to use app which allows you to manage your gift list at any time. (Check the fees before using)

The Wedding Present Company

For a tailored experience, you can’t go wrong with The Wedding Present Company. With a consultation to help you build your list as standard, The Wedding Present Company has a wonderful range of independent products for you to register. (Check the fees before using) 


Prezola offers a truly modern approach to gift-giving, including allowing guests to group gifts or pick a subscription to keep the gifts coming! Not only can you select adventures or honeymoon funds, but all gifts are sent with 100% recyclable packaging. (Check the fees before using)

John Lewis

John Lewis is your one-stop shop for homeware. Simply download the John Lewis app and scan directly to your list in-store, or add from the comfort of your own home! John Lewis is a name your guests can trust and offers a simple to use gift list option. (Check the fees before using) 

Amazon Wedding List

Nothing will offer you a more uniquely individual option, quite like an Amazon wedding list. Not only can you list anything you can think of, but almost all your friends and family will know how to use Amazon. Your gifts will arrive as they are ordered and in standard Amazon packaging, but if that doesn’t bother you it is a great option.

Buy Our honeymoon

Are you only looking to ask for contributions towards a honeymoon? Why not only register for that! From the hotel at the airport the night before to a hot air balloon ride once you arrive, Buy Our Honeymoon doesn’t limit what you can register for. (Check the fees before using)


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