7 Gift Ideas for the Groom

The wedding gift exchange is a wonderful moment to have some one on one time with your spouse, and an opportunity to pick out something special for the Groom. If you are looking for inspiration, here are 7 suggestions to help!

A Watch

The most traditional option, and one that never goes out of style! This classic gift is perfect for every type of Groom (stylish, tech-savvy, sporty) and offers the opportunity to add a personalised message.


Personalised cufflinks are the perfect sentimental gift, Not only could the Groom wear them on your wedding day, but they will be a wonderful reminder of your special day every time he wears them on any future special occasion.


Wallets are a fantastic choice for any groom as there are so many different types. From a leather wallet for a more traditional Groom, to a metal card holder – there is guaranteed to be the right one for your Groom.

Kitchen Utensils

If your Groom is a whizz in the kitchen you could look for a more thoughtful gift such as a personalized chopping board, knife set, or pizza oven!


For a handy Groom, a multi-tool is a fantastic gift that they might not consider picking up for themself. With so many options you can custom-pick the tools it contains to suit every Groom.


A personalised decanter for a Groom with a bar allows them to quite literally display your gift. From a sentimental message to your wedding date to a fancy monogram, you can tailor the message for them.


You could purchase an expensive bottle of wine that you know your partner will love, providing the perfect drink for your anniversary date.


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