7 fun alternative wedding confetti ideas

With more and more people wanting to choose eco-friendly options in their wedding planning, your confetti choice is an easy switch to make it more sustainable! In fact, we have put together 7 options that you are sure to love.

Paper airplanes

Paper airplanes, or any form of origami are such a fun option for your wedding day. Not only are they cute, but your relatives will be more than happy to throw them around. Paper airplanes or similar look great in photos, will be a fun pre wedding task for you wedding party, and are easy enough to collect and recyle after!

Dried flowers/petals
This is quite a staple at a lot of venues, especially any with gardens. Dried flowers/petals not only look great, come in different colours, but smell wonderful too. Ask your venue if they offer this service, and you will find many do.
bird seed
A unique idea, but why not use something that has a similar look to confetti, whilst feeding the wildlife around you? This is an option that you will need to get approval from your venue to use, but a fun alternative if you can!
For a further sustainable option, see if you can use some wildflower seeds.

dried herbs

This is wonderfully underrated option, but dried herbs are a fantastic option for a confetti alternative! Offering a range of scents, you can pick the perfect herb mix to reflect you and your partner. Leaves such as rosemary and thyme grown in abundance and would be a great project for any of your green thumbed guests.


I love the look of ribbons, especially when they are in movement, and so does the camera! Choose a few colours that work beautifully with your colour scheme and roll them up in a basket for easy access. These are easy enough to clean up after the photos have been taken, and once washed the ribbons can be reused for future projects.


Not great for a high throw over the married couple due to their slow descent, but feathers loo beautiful on camera, and would make a fabulous option for your confetti. Make sure to source natural feathers over artifical ones to ensure any that don’t get picked up are not going to do any damage to the local wildlife.

Is there anything that screams fun more than bubbles? Easy to source, fun for everyone involved and they add a touch of wonder to your wedding photos. Not the most eco-friendly of the options on this list, but certainly the most magical looking.
What is a confetti alternative you love? Let us know in the comments.


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