6 Common wedding day disasters

6 common wedding day disasters and how to deal with them

Despite spending hundreds of hours planning your wedding, you can’t plan for every eventuality, no matter how hard your try. To help calm your wedding day nerves, we have sought out 6 of the most common wedding day issues to happen and how you can prepare for them!

Waking up on your wedding day with a spot

A lot of brides treat themselves to a facial in the days leading up to their wedding, but this should always be avoided. In fact, it is best to avoid anything new on your skin or hair for at least a month prior to your wedding day. You never know what could cause a reaction which is additional stress you just do not want! If you are worried about your skin (stress can do crazy things) arrange to visit a dermatologist 4 – 6 months before your wedding day to fully embrace their plan.

Someone will be late

There will always be someone running late on your big day, and there’s very little you can do about that. Ensure it doesn’t affect your day by building backup plans into your schedule, or better yet, don’t give any essential roles or tasks to anyone known for working to their own schedule.

A guest will drink too much

This wedding day disaster is bound to happen, and you may even be able to guess who it will be. Assign some responsible adults to keep an eye on anyone that might be getting drunk too quickly over the day, ask them to take this issue off your hands and encourage some water or coffee to your drunken friend.

You have a wedding dress hitch

It is quite common for wedding dresses or bridesmaid dresses to have minor snags, from loose threads to broken zippers. The easiest way to avoid any massive disasters is to make sure you order the correct sizing on clothes – not the size you hope to be, get dressed slowly, and have a well-stocked emergency kit (We have a great checklist here).

The weather isn’t what you hoped

Whether it’s too cold, too hot, too sunny, or even raining, you can bet the weather will surprise you in some way on your wedding day. Be prepared for all weather eventualities (after all, it’s the UK!), and have umbrellas, suncream, sunglasses and jackets on hand. Try to find the funny side of any surprising weather, and trust that your photographer will find somewhere to capture the perfect photos!

Family arguments

There is bound to be some form of argument or awkwardness on your wedding day. There are always those family members who don’t get along and throw in alcohol with a long day, and fireworks will likely ignite. Plan beforehand by seating them away from each other for the ceremony and wedding breakfast. Beyond that, trust that everyone is an adult and can either sort it out themselves, or another guest will step in on your behalf.


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