6 ways to use lavender in your wedding

Lavender is a beautiful and aromatic flower that can add a touch of elegance and romance to your wedding day. If you’re considering incorporating lavender into your wedding, here are 6 ideas to get you started.

Lavender Florals

The most obvious place to start with using lavender for your wedding day is through your floral choices. Lavender itself grows throughout the Spring and Summer seasons, meaning this is the ideal time to introduce fresh lavender to your bouquets and floral arrangements. However, this shouldn’t rule out dry Lavender all year round! Just as beautiful, with a rustic charm, and a well-known scent, dried lavender is a fantastic option for your buttonholes, bouquets, and beyond.

Lavender Decor

Lavender is not confined to only buttonholes and bouquets though, sprigs of lavender are a wonderful addition for centrepieces and aisle decor. Adding a natural touch to all your decor, bundles of lavender will not look out of place anywhere on your wedding day. They can be attached to candle jars, chairs, or simply left in various places across the venue.

Lavender Food and Drink

You do not have to stick to displaying the lavender flowers, but the taste too! A touch of lavender syrup to your champagne, or cocktails will add a unique flavour to your wedding day. As will any lavender desserts, from macarons to cupcakes, to brownies. Lavender as a flavour works incredibly well in so many desserts.

Lavender Stationery

Another way to approach lavender in your wedding would be through your wedding stationery. A simple lavender sketch on your invitations, across your stationery suite, or for place names can add a touch of luxury while keeping on theme. Even embracing a lavender sprig illustration in your programs can help create a beautiful and cohesive theme.

Lavender Showstoppers and Details

If you want to make the most of lavender during your wedding day, why not consider something large and showstopping such as a beautiful wedding arch, or photo backdrop? Visually appealing, and with a gorgeous scent, these are sure to capture people’s attention. Alternatively, pick a venue that has access to a lavender field and ensure you have stunning images you will want to frame in every room of your house!
There are endless ways to incorporate lavender in less obvious methods across your details. Used as cake decoration, or as a more natural confetti option.

Lavender Colour

For a unique and unforgettable bridal look, consider wearing a lavender wedding dress. This subtle but beautiful colour can be found in many different shades and styles, to suit all brides and venues. Alternatively, Lavender is a popular colour for bridesmaid dresses, and for good reason. This soft and romantic hue looks beautiful on a variety of skin tones and can be paired with many different colours and styles.

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