6 Ways to incorporate pets into your wedding

Your furry friend is a beloved member of your family, and it’s only natural to want them to be a part of your special day. From walking down the aisle with you to having a special role in the stationery, there are plenty of ways to incorporate your pet into your wedding. Here are 6 ways for including your pet in your wedding and making your big day even more memorable.

Donate to a pet charity

Instead of planning favours, which are often not needed, or even left behind – consider donating to a pet charity. You could donate under your pet’s name, and let your guests know on your stationery or their menus!

Include your pet on your wedding stationery

Speaking of stationery, why not incorporate your pet into your save-the-dates or invitations? You can commission a creative to illustrate your furry (feathered or scaled) friend. If your pet can’t physically be there on the day, they can still be included in your signage or on-the-day stationery.

Walk you down the aisle

If your venue allows pets, and your furry friend has the right temperament, you could have your pet walk down the aisle with you! Not only will they be excited with the attention, but your wedding photos will be so cute to look back on.

Wedding prep

Have your pet join you for the prep photos, allowing you to have some fun getting ready photos with them, and they do not have to be in the venue for the reception. You could even dress your pet up for the occasion, with a little tux, or bowtie.

Have a cardboard cutout

If your pet friend can’t attend your wedding day, either due to venue restrictions or your pet not being comfortable in new environments, consider getting a cardboard cutout of them! You can have lifesize cutouts made of any photo, and nothing would be more fun than having your pet sit at your top table, or dance with you in the evening.

Themed cocktails

A lot of couples opt for signature or themed cocktails for their wedding day. Use this as an excuse to go all out on some animal puns and pay homage to your bestie!

How will your pet be incorporated into your wedding day?


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