6 tips for Unique Bridesmaid Styling

If you are looking for a way to choose a more unique styling option for your Bridal Party, we have some great places to start. Most brides want their Bridesmaids or Bridesmen to feel comfortable on their wedding day, and choose an outfit they can wear again! Not only is it more sustainable, but it is good form if your bridal party is paying for their own outfits.

Bridesmaid Colour Choice

Traditionally Bridesmaids wear one colour with their outfits, with a lot of Brides thinking it’s the only way for a cohesive look. However, choosing one colour in various shades can be just as stunning. Even adding a bit of depth to your wedding photos, while allowing your bridesmaids to have some fun with their outfits!

Drop Entirely

If you want to completely bypass the set colour expectation, you could have a limited colour palette of 2-3, or just go all out and allow each bridesmaid to pick a colour they prefer. This lets your bridal party’s personality shine and offers an outfit they will likely wear again and again.

Something Taboo

If you really want to throw all traditions out the window, why not choose a white colour scheme for your Bridesmaids? This is a truly unique decision, and will guarantee that your bridal party will stand out all day! There is such a beautiful range of whites, and off-whites, you won’t be short of options in any way.

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Style and Lengths

If a cohesive colour scheme is your style, but you still want to have a little something different, why not consider playing with styles or lengths. Whether you opt for different sleeve options for your bridal party, or even dress lengths, your bridal party will not only thank you but look visibly comfortable on your wedding day.

Glamorous Bridesmaids

Why not add a serious touch of glamour to your wedding day by dressing your bridal party in sequins, or something equally as fun? Glitter, sequins, lace, and more all look fantastic in photos, as well as in person, helping your bridal party stand out and feel like superstars for the day.

Formal Chic

If you are a less traditional bride, or your wedding is more laidback, perhaps it might be suitable to ask your bridesmaids what they want to wear. Letting them have complete free reign on style, colour, and outfit. This will give you an informal aesthetic, allowing your bridal party to feel entirely at ease for the day.


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