6 tips for inviting plus ones

On Vicinity Weddings, we have discussed the 6 tips for creating your wedding guest list and shared 5 great seating plan templates. Today we want to chat about plus-ones and the 6 unofficial rules that could help save you and your spouse from a future headache.

Their relationship

Anyone who is married will usually get a plus one, also extending to those that are engaged or cohabiting. Often anyone in a long term relationship is also given a plus one. However, the line you draw on what is considered ‘long term’ is entirely subjective and very much open to discussion among you and your partner.

The wedding party

As a general rule, anyone who is in your wedding party should receive a plus one. This is a courteous move that serves as a ‘Thank you’ to those that are not only helping you celebrate your big day but will be picking up responsibilities. Your wedding party members may decline, but it is great to give them the option. Additionally, if either the bride or groom’s parents are separated, it’s common to provide them with a plus one too!

Alone guests

There will always be that one guest you want celebrating your big day who doesn’t know anyone else on the guest list. As you can imagine, this situation can feel particularly awkward and may put someone off from attending, no matter how much they would love to share your day with you! Extending a plus one to any of these guests can help put them at ease and save you from worrying about whether they are having fun.


This will entirely depend on whether you are opting for a child free wedding or not. There are so many options for entertaining children if you do decide to invite them, meaning their parents are free to have a great time! Whether you choose to only invite small children and cut the age off at teenage or adult children, that’s wholly your choice.

Returnig a plus one

Each wedding is different, with different priorities and budgets. For instance, do not feel as though you need to return the favour of any plus ones extended to you in the past. This is where some good seating planning comes in handy, ensuring your guests are seated with people they know and get along with!

Names and invites

Make sure to be very clear on invites whether the guest can bring a plus one. This will help clear up any confusion as you draw nearer to your wedding day. It’s best practice to find out the name of any plus ones so that you can specify them on seating charts and place names.

Above all, have fun with your planning process!
What are your top tips for inviting plus ones


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