6 Tips for Fighting the Post-Wedding Blues

For some couples wedding planning can take place over multiple years, meaning post-wedding blues are extremely common in couples, although rarely spoken about! Add these ideas to your wedding planning list, and ensure YOU can fight off the blues.

Post Wedding Plans

Make sure you have something to do the next day, whether visiting family, booking a spa day, or going to your favourite brunch spot. You may be looking forward to fully relaxing, but after months of being go, go, go it can be hard to switch off. Opt for something to look forward to, but keep it as low-key as possible!

Honeymoon/Minimoon Vibes

One of the perfect times for your honeymoon is approximately a week after your wedding, this allows you to wind down from your wedding but gives you something to look forward to – keeping just enough energy flowing. If your honeymoon isn’t going to take place for a few months, consider a minimoon away, this can be as short as a long weekend to a local hotel with a fun date night, or a quick flight somewhere to relax.

Marriage over Wedding

Have lots of chats in the lead-up to the wedding with your spouse about what your marriage will look like. This will remind you both that the wedding is just the start of the next great adventure, rather than something that can feel anti-climactic. Consider having some fun newly married tasks to do which can serve as a wonderful transition into married life.

Maintain your Lifestyle Changes

Chances are you may have undergone a healthier eating, or exercise kick leading up to your wedding. Maintaining this post-wedding can help your mental health, and your body adjust. If you haven’t already consider making it fun by embarking on couples exercise such as tennis, or going for a jog/walk together.

Wedding Gifts and Cards

Wait to open your wedding cards and/or gifts until you get back from your honeymoon/minimoon. The anticipation of opening them will help maintain your excitement while giving you both a wonderful moment together when the hype is starting to die down.

Photo Collection

Consider setting up a google drive and asking guests to send over their photos. Looking through these will be an enjoyable task whilst you wait for your professional images to arrive! It might be that you set up a website, private Snapchat, or hashtag for guests to share images throughout the wedding day, so browsing these can help fight off the post-wedding blues.

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