Top 5 things to consider when choosing your wedding venue


Have you heard lots of these phrases when planning your wedding?

“The day will fly by”,

“Take 5 minutes for just the two of you because the day will be over before you know it”,

“It goes by so quickly you’ll barely have a chance to get round all of your wedding guests”

Yep! We have too. They are all true as well. For the couple getting married the day whizzes by. We’ve been filming weddings for 6 years now so have come to recognise some key things to look for when choosing your venue to make the most of your wedding day. These features of your venue will mean you can spend more time with your guests and with each other.

1. Can you get ready at your venue?

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Travelling between sites, even if it’s only a short distance, takes up more time than you might think. Having the flexibility to arrive at the venue the night before and stay in one place will save a lot of time.

Most hotel venues allow for this and some exclusive use venues have 3 days packages available too. We think it is 100% worth it so that you can spend time with your loved ones the day before and the day after your wedding as well.

If you can’t stay the night before, we recommend checking what time you can arrive on site the morning of the wedding. Some venues only allow you into the honeymoon suite from 11am which is unlikely to be enough time to get ready, depending on the time of your ceremony.

2. Are there separate rooms for the ceremony and wedding breakfast?

top 5 things to consider when choosing your wedding venue

This may not sound like a deal breaker but having to turn one room around for each formality can be quite disruptive. Moving 50+ people can take a surprisingly long time. We know this because it can sometimes take ages to get everyone together for the photo of all of the guests.
If there are separate rooms for the formalities then there isn’t such an urgency for the venue team to move guests on so they can turn the room around.

3. Are there nearby photo opportunities both inside and outside?

Top 5 things to consider when choosing your wedding venue Veiled Productions

It may sound obvious but we’ve seen it quite a few times when the newlyweds leave the venue to go and have photos. It’s amazing how quickly 45 minutes to an hour can be spent doing this. We know how important photos and video footage are but if there are some beautiful places onsite then this can save lots of time. 20 minutes for couples photos, just the two of you and then back to the fun!

4. Is the bar and the dancefloor in the same place?

Top 5 things to consider when choosing your wedding venue Veiled Productions

Again, this may sound trivial but we’ve seen it before where the bar is far away from the dance floor in a separate room and this can really divide your wedding party. We have experienced weddings where hardly any guests are dancing because everyone is in the bar chatting. 

The best solution we’ve seen is that the bar is at the far end of the room and the dance floor is at the other. That way people can chat, get drinks and then when their favourite song comes on they will still be able to hear it and join you on the dance floor!

5. Is there accommodation on site for you and your guests?

top 5 things to consider when choosing your wedding venue

There is often a curfew for the music, typically midnight for most venues. Having accommodation on site means you can have one last drink and chat to your loved ones reminiscing about the day before you head to bed. Accommodation on site also means you can have breakfast or brunch with everyone the next day too. This allows you to thank everyone and catch up with people you may not have had a chance to have a long chat with on the wedding day itself. If you aren’t rushing off, there may even be time for a nice walk altogether in the grounds of the venue too.

I hope these 5 tips help when making a decision about where you’d like to get married. From a photography and videography perspective they are helpful too. More time spent filming and photographing everyone having a great time, less time spent moving to different places.

Written by Rachel Vine, Videographer at Veiled Productions


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