5 ways to Celebrate Your ‘Would Have Been’ Wedding Day

5 ways to Celebrate Your ‘Would Have Been’ Wedding Day_engageweddings.co.uk

We understand how hard it must be to postpone your wedding day, especially if you have been planning it for years, so Hannah from Hannah Rose Weddings has come up with 5 ways to celebrate your would have been wedding day!


With us all now being in week 8 of lockdown, our lives have all completely changed, not just in the UK, across the world, and not just us, every single person, whether you’re the average Joe, a member of the Spice Girls, or the Prime Minister, life has changed for everybody.

For a large number of engaged couples in the UK (and most likely you as you are currently reading this post) Covid-19 has also affected your Wedding, with a ban on any large gatherings, and have had to make the decision to postpone. 

Most couples who have had to postpone their Wedding will face spending the day that they would have been getting married at home in isolation, with the recent ‘stay alert’ being a key factor in our lives. We really cannot begin to understand how upsetting this may be for you, but we are here to try and add some positivity back into your quarantine. 

We don’t want you to be sitting at home thinking ‘I would have been putting my dress on now’, ‘I would have been walking down the aisle now’, ‘we would have been officially married now’ so we have some top tips to turn your ‘would have been’ Wedding day into a day to remember!

Wedding Day in Corona_Isolation Wedding_Fairytale Weddings

Photo Credits:  Fairytale Weddings

Photo Credits: Fairytale Weddings


Still go ahead with your day!

Yes, you heard me right! There are stories flooding social media at the moment of couples who are still going ahead with a ‘ceremony’. Yes, this won’t be a legal ceremony, but you can either hire one of your friends or family to become your registrar for the day, or if you want a more professional ceremony, you can even hire a celebrant who will work with you on bespoke wording and perform your ceremony via Zoom. You can then have a legal ceremony once lockdown is over! You can invite all of your friends and family to watch too via this video calling app, plus many other available on the market. Finish up with a glass of Prosecco and dance your first dance! Get your glad rags on and start celebrating!

Wedding Day in Corona_Celebrant_Fairytale Weddings

Photo Credit: Fairytale Weddings

Photo Credit: Fairytale Weddings


Take a trip down memory lane

How often do you go on holiday, to parties, other people’s weddings, take lots of photos, and never look at them again?! Set up your own photo show by linking your phone or icloud to your TV or laptop, grab the popcorn and a glass of something cold, and have a look back through all of your memories together! Cheers!


Test your baking skills

Think of yourself as a bit of a baker? Or not? This is definitely one for those couples who don’t take themselves too seriously! Why not test your baking skills and work together to try and bake your Wedding cake! You may surprise yourselves with your talents! If you do decide to give this a try, make sure you take lots of photos – this will make great social media for your actual cake baker! 


Take a trip to your local park

As of 13th May, you can now take a trip together in your households to the park or an open public space, make the most of this time, have a picnic together, have a mini photoshoot together using your mobile phone, take a walk together in an area you haven’t been too – you are also allowed to drive an unlimited distance, take advantage and go explore a new area!

Keeping active and being in the fresh air and the sun releases endorphins which then make us feel happy (awesome hey!). Why not get outside and try couples yoga – it is all the rage right now, there are plenty of videos available on Youtube and you may even find a new party trick for the Wedding!

Wedding Day in Corona_Park Walks_Fairytale Weddings

Photo Credits: Fairytale Weddings

Photo Credits: Fairytale Weddings


Mr and Mrs Quiz

Before you actually become Mr and Mrs, why not test how well you actually know each other with your friends and family?! There are plenty of question ideas online – select a game host to decide on the questions and to check the answers with you both (that will give your Mum or sister something to do for the day!) Arrange an online video chat with everyone, have a fancy dress theme and a ‘cocktail of the night’ and battle it out to see who knows who best! 


Whatever you decide to do on your ‘would have been wedding day’, make it a positive one. If you don’t feel like any of these ideas are for you, make sure you get in touch! We are offering complimentary 1-1 consultations to help people with advice, ideas and just general questions that you may have!

Wedding Day in Corona_Florals_Fairytale Weddings

Photo Credit: Fairytale Weddings

Photo Credit: Fairytale Weddings


For more advice and tips contact Hannah at Hannah Rose Weddings, and let us know in the comments how you are celebrating your would have been wedding day!


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