5 Unconventional Wedding Themes

When choosing your theme or colour palette for your wedding day, you might find that the more traditional themes don’t suit you as a couple. Here are 5 unconventional themes that might just be perfect for your wedding day.

Alice in Wonderland

Nothing is quite as whimsical as an Alice in Wonderland theme for your wedding day. From a Madhatter tea party to a full down the rabbit hole theme. You can have as much fun with this theme as you want, especially when it comes to your wedding outfits!

A Winter Wedding

Winter Weddings can create something truly special, offering a luxurious aesthetic you cannot get in any other season. If booking a Winter date, fully embrace the beauty of the season throughout your wedding planning, and you are guaranteed some fantastic photos to look back on.

Inside Out

Outdoor weddings are always a popular choice, some may argue that they are no longer unconventional. However, we LOVE an outdoor wedding, and won’t miss an opportunity to share them. Outdoor weddings allow you to appreciate the stunning nature we have available in the UK while offering you some stunning decor options.

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Elopement Escape

Take your outdoor wedding one step further and take advantage of the beautiful sights of the UK. Elope with just your nearest and dearest (or just yourselves!), nothing is more intimate than an elopement!

Vintage Inspired

There are many eras to choose from when planning a wedding steeped in vintage inspiration. Such as a Great Gatsby inspired wedding, especially if you focus on the opulence of the era. What previous era/vintage-inspired wedding would you love to plan?

What unconventional theme do you LOVE to see at a wedding?


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