5 tips for wedding guest seating

Finalising your guest list is a great milestone in the wedding planning journey. You can relax and not think about it again until the RSVPs start rolling in, at which point the next challenge starts – where to seat everyone!
If you are looking for some tips keep scrolling for 5 ways to seat your wedding guests.

Grouping guests by relationship

This will be the easiest way to group your wedding guests as it will come quite naturally. Grouping your guests by things they have in common ensures they are with someone they can comfortably chatter with. For example grouping family members or old uni friends, etc.

Group singles and kids

An oldie, but a goodie – if you have enough single adults to seat them together, this could allow them to meet new people and enjoy the day without worrying about children at the table. Speaking of children, it’s quite common to arrange a kid’s table with toys, colouring, bubbles etc. This means that their parents can eat without worrying, and the kids can play together. Just make sure you have an adult lined up to keep an eye on them!

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Consider your guest’s needs

If any of your guests have special accessible needs keep that at the forefront of your mind when working on your seating plan. A further thing to plan around could be dietary requirements as you will need to provide this information to the venue/caterers.

Keep it simple

Keep the head table as simple as possible to avoid hurt feelings or loud opinions! Just seat your wedding party and their partners, or even do away with it altogether. Work around the needs of you and your spouse, and you will feel confident in your decisions.

Ask for input

If you feel ready for an extra challenge, you could ask your guests for their opinions or requests on who they would like to be seated with. This could simply be an additional line in their RSVP, or you could entirely outsource the whole seat-planning task to a family member.

Did this help YOU with your wedding guest seating? Let us know in the comments how you planned this step!
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