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Looking back at your photographs is a wonderful way to bring back the magic of your wedding day!
Katrina Matthews has joined us today to give you 5 fun photography ideas to mix in with the more traditional poses.


Photo Credit:  Katrina Matthews

Photo Credit: Katrina Matthews

I love to bring the fun from the day into your photos and help create some awesome memories from the time you spent together for your couples portraits. These are the photos you will want to frame and put on your wall, the photos that your guests will be dying to see and moments that are unique to your day. As such, here are my top 5 fun wedding photography ideas for you to try on your wedding day.



Smoke bombs are one of my favourite things to do, they come in all kinds of colours so you can choose to match your colour theme, keep it neutral with white or go crazy and use all the colours you can get. Let me put your mind at ease straight away… the smoke doesn’t dye the wedding dress! (just don’t put the canister down on your train and it will be fine).

Fun Wedding Photography Ideas_Smoke Bombs_Yellow_Katrina Matthews Photography

Like all of my wedding photography this is a relaxed and fun experience, there are no rules and you can’t get it wrong. I tell my couples to wave the smoke around, celebrate with your arms in the air and do whatever comes naturally.

The smoke bombs only last around 90 seconds so half way through I get the couple to chuck the canisters down, either in front or behind them. This creates another awesome effect, surrounding the couple in a cloud of smoke. This is the perfect opportunity for the couple to get a little closer while hidden within the smoke. Beautiful!!

Fun Wedding Photography Ideas_Smoke Bombs_Pink_Katrina Matthews Photography

Fun Wedding Photography Ideas_Smoke Bombs_Blue_Katrina Matthews Photography



So we all know about confetti in the traditional sense and most weddings still embrace this (which I love) but I’m talking about confetti just for the couple. For couple shots I use chunky confetti that the couple can blow towards the camera, this not only creates a great photo but the laughter that follows is priceless!

Fun Wedding Photography Ideas_Confetti_Bride and Groom_Katrina Matthews Photography

Here are some other great ideas you can try with confetti:

Blow the confetti at each other (this is even more hilarious).

Get the bridal party involved. Line everyone up like a traditional group photo and then all together throw the confetti above you.

No matter what you do with it you always get super fun photos followed by incredible reactions.

Fun Wedding Photography Ideas_Confetti_Katrina Matthews Photography

Fun Wedding Photography Ideas_Confetti Inspiration_Katrina Matthews Photography



This idea is designed especially for your wedding day. It’s a simple and fun idea that can work with just the couple or with the bridal party too. Shake that bottle of Champagne, carefully undo the cork and as soon as it pops cover the top with your thumb and just keep shaking, it’s that simple.

Fun Wedding Photography Ideas_Champagne_Bride and Groom_Katrina Matthews Photography

The best thing about this idea is the natural reactions and expressions you capture the moment the cork pops and the champagne starts flying. In the moment of shock and excitement people can’t control their behaviour so those moments are 100% natural and uncontrollable.

Usually what follows is the couple sipping from the half empty bottle or the bridal party being soaked in the last few sprays of champagne. A great way to spend time with your loved ones and an amazing way to make memories.

Fun Wedding Photography Ideas_Champagne_Katrina Matthews Photography

Fun Wedding Photography Ideas_Champagne_Wedding Party_Katrina Matthews Photography



As a relaxed documentary wedding photographer I spend a lot of time capturing what is going on around me so when something epic happens I’m right there ready to go. I have the same approach to the couple and bridal party photos, so if the couple kick off an idea or try something silly I can go with the flow and capture the moment unfolding.

If you fancy breaking the rules and doing something crazy then go for it. I’ve had weddings with the bridal party running spontaneously down the road in the rain, balloon fights, umbrellas being thrown in the air, couples heading off into a stream and plenty of bridesmaids attempting to carry the groom. It all adds to the unique and personal events that make your day.

Fun Wedding Photography Ideas_Sponstaneous Inspiration_Katrina Matthews Photography

Fun Wedding Photography Ideas_Sponstaneous Inspiration_Bride and Groom_Katrina Matthews Photography

Fun Wedding Photography Ideas_Sponstaneous Inspiration_Katrina Matthews Photography



This isn’t as cheesy as it sounds. You can still have lots of fun and get beautiful photos of you and your new spouse without making a big statement or using props, all you really need is laughter.

I love getting couples to do little things together that I know will make them laugh. Something as simple as whispering in each other’s ear works incredibly well; whether the whisper was funny or not the idea of it and the feel of it is hilarious.

A little tickle can go a long way too, it keeps the moment upbeat and fun and takes away any awkwardness either of them might feel about being in front of the camera.

Fun Wedding Photography Ideas_Have Fun_Katrina Matthews Photography

Simple ideas can create the most stunning images.

Fun Wedding Photography Ideas_Laughter_Katrina Matthews Photography


For more fun wedding photography ideas, or to discuss your future wedding, get in touch with Katrina Matthews!


Photo Credit: Katrina Matthews

Photo Credit: Katrina Matthews


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