4 Top Tips when booking your photographer

4 Top Tips when booking your photographer_engageweddings.co.uk

Today we are joined by Gareth from Gareth Jones Photography, who is sharing his top 4 tips for before and after booking your wedding photographer.

Photo Credit:   Gareth Jones Photography

Photo Credit: Gareth Jones Photography

Planning a wedding leaves alot to think about, organise and do! One of the top things on your list will be booking the right photographer. So what should you be asking your photographer before booking, and what should you be doing after booking? Here are my top 4 tips to make life a little easier!

Wedding Photographer_Top Tips_Choosing a Wedding Photographer_Gareth Jones Photography

Wedding Photographer_Top Tips_Hertfordshire Wedding Photograpjhy_Gareth Jones Photography

Style is everything

Photography is quite subjective, with each and every photographer will have a different approach to their work. Every photographer will work to their own personal taste. Some create, or add to their imagery with a flash, smoke bombs, or other such effects. Other photographers (like myself) tend to go for as little construction as possible and like to document the day as is, letting your day unfold naturally.
Of course, there is no right or wrong. It is important to find a photographer who suits your personal preference, and your vision for your wedding day. Collect examples of what you want for your photography (Pinterest is your friend) and use this as a starting point when meeting with the photographers you have whittled down.

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Must Haves & Do not’s

One you have made the decision on which photographer will be perfect for your dream wedding, the next step is to make sure you have discussed the must haves with your partner. These are the moments in the day that you 100% want recorded, from your first dance, the first look to an important detail to you (think grandma receiving a bouquet of flowers as a thank you for helping in the planning).

These are the moments you must ensure you relay to your chosen photographer. It is the day you want to look back on, and they want to help make it perfect for you!

Photo Credits: Gareth Jones Photography

Photo Credits: Gareth Jones Photography

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The Running Order

The running of your wedding day is an important detail for everyone to know. Alot of venues can assist in this, ensuring the day runs smoothly, and that everything is in the right place. Venue’s will often have a member of staff there to help keep everything running correctly on the day, this will help take a weight of your mind.

As soon as you have this order of the day send it over to your photographer. It helps them to know if at certain points they need to be in certain places, and is just easier for planning out their day around your wedding.

Wedding Photographer_Top Tips_Capturing your day_Gareth Jones Photography

Wedding Photographer_Top Tips_Capturing the details_Gareth Jones Photography


The Shot List

Regardless on whether your photographer prefers to plan out their day, or go with the flow. It is a good idea to have some organisation with the group shots! Make a list of the shots you want and send them to your photographer, this will ensure none get missed, and they can be planned accordingly. Of course, this isn’t the be all and end all, and you are more than welcome to add some required shots on the day, it just helps your photographer get a rough idea of what shots you want.

Wedding Photographer_Top Tips_Capturing your day_Gareth Jones Photography

Top Tip: Go from largest to smallest when working out group shots required. This will make it a whole lot easier, and make the photographs run much more smoothly. It can be alot harder to herd guests back to one place, than letting them go after each photo set.

Photo Credits: Gareth Jones Photography

Photo Credits: Gareth Jones Photography

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Remember that it is your day, one for you to enjoy and remember for the rest of your life!
Try not to get too stressed out with your organisation, you will find that a little will go a long way!

Photo Credits: Gareth Jones Photography

Photo Credits: Gareth Jones Photography

Wedding Photographer_Top Tips_Capturing your Wedding day_Gareth Jones Photography


Thank you to Gareth Jones Photography for these fantastic tips. They certainly make the act of booking a photographer a lot easier. Have you booked your photographer? Let us know in the comments!

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