4 tips to entertain children at your wedding

Children provide so much fun at a wedding, but it can be hard to keep them entertained for the day. We have 4 tips for keeping the entertainment flowing throughout your wedding day to avoid tears.

Table entertainment

There is a whole range of activities you can offer children at the children’s table. A firm favourite and easy way to entertain children at your wedding are by providing some colouring options and activity packs. These are a fun DIY if you want to handle them yourself. Alternatively, you can browse a full range on sites such as Etsy!

Fun favours

Wedding favours are a staple of your wedding day, from traditional to sustainable alternatives. By opting for some fun favours for children, you can give them more to play with during the day while making them feel special! From confetti wands to personalised activity packs, these favours can provide entertainment and more.

Should you invite children to your wedding day?

Games for all ages

Some great companies provide a range of games you can hire for your wedding day. Not only do places like Fetestall Attraction offer games that children and adults can enjoy, but they offer a selection of children’s entertainment, including ball pits!

An experience

If you are looking for an experience for your wedding day, look no further than the Neverland package from a fantastic group of talented suppliers in the South/East of England. Offering snacks, cakes, entertainment, and dress-up options, this is an experience that is well worth the money.


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