2022 Wedding Trends

What trends are hot for 2022 according to our talented suppliers?

Wedding suppliers are always the first to notice trends emerging, and they haven’t disappointed with spilling the tea for 2022. So whether you are planning a 2022 wedding, or want inspiration for the future, grab a cuppa and check out these great 2022 wedding trends.

Outdoor first dances

Helen from H N Photography.UK has noticed that outdoor dances are continuing to be a firm favourite following 2021. After all, what could be more romantic than dancing with your new husband or wife under the stars or as the sun sets?

Dried wedding flowers

Rachel of Veiled Productions has noticed a considerable increase in dried flowers at the end of 2021 and through 2022. With couples being more conscious of the environment and some stunning options available, it’s easier and easier to make simple swaps!

Outdoor marquees and tents

Carrying on from 2021, outdoor options such as marquees and open-sided tents/teepees are in high demand this year. Helen from H N Photography.UK believes the importance of good ventilation and fresh air are high on peoples agenda.

Unique bridesmaid dresses

Photographer Georgia-Beth has noticed that people are steering away from making their bridesmaids wear the exact same colour and style of dress. Instead, opting for different shades of the same colour or a different style entirely.

Less traditional weddings

Having had so many restrictions for the last 18 months, more couples have turned to celebrant led weddings which by nature have far fewer restrictions, and Helen does not expect this to change any time soon!

Wedding videographers

Videographer Keeley of Keeley Wedding Films believes that people are more aware of how special it is to have the people they love at their wedding. Over the last few years, videographers have been extremely helpful in allowing family members to see your wedding after the fact, especially when they couldn’t attend the wedding! Sadly, there are often important people missing from weddings, but the video makes them feel like they were there.

Are any of these trends on your radar?


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