Don’t be afraid to ask! Booking a Ceilidh for your wedding day

Don't be afraid to ask! Booking a ceilidh for your wedding

Have you heard of a Ceilidh?
Chances are unless you are Scottish or Irish, this fantastic non-techinal dance may have missed your radar.
However, it is something you should look into if you want to add some fun to your wedding entertainment that everyone can get involved with.
Schuggie from
Schuggies – Ceilidhs has joined us today to let you know what to expect, and why you should book a ceilidh for your wedding day!


Do you want:

  • something everyone can do and won’t have that awkward disco feel?

  • your evening to be a hit with all of your guests, regardless of age and dancing ability?

  • a wedding that your guests will rave about?

  • Suggestions on how the running order should go?

then keep reading

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I’m Schuggie, and I run Schuggies-Ceilidhs (its pronounced Kay-Lays btw). I’ve been hosting wedding ceilidhs for over ten years, and that means the experience of well over 100 weddings in all sorts of venues from cosy wee village halls to majestic castles over that time. Don’t just take my word for it; check out these reviews.


Photo Credit:  Peacock Obscura

Photo Credit: Peacock Obscura

Schuggie Ceilidhs_Dancing on your wedding day


What do I do?

Do you want the evening hosted professionally? Allowing you to just relax and enjoy the night. 

I host the whole evening for you. That means Calling the Ceilidh dances and MC’ing your evening to make sure you can relax properly and enjoy yourselves- after all; it is your party!

It also involves getting all your guests together for the first dance, then keeping them on the dancefloor for the Ceilidh. If you are serving some food halfway through the evening, I will be liasing with the caterers so I can finish the first half of the Ceilidh appropriately.

Throwing your bouquet, having sparklers, fireworks or fire eater towards the end? I’ll make sure the evening flows seamlessly for you.

Will you be staying or leaving early? When do you want that all critical Auld Lang Syne? I will be there to support all of your plans, as well as Calling the dances.

Schuggie Ceilidhs_Dancing on your wedding day

Schuggie Ceilidhs_Dancing on your wedding day


What does Calling mean?

Calling is a fancy name for directing the dancing. As the Caller, I’m the person who does this.

Most of your guests will never have been to a Ceilidh before, so I guide them through what to do- left, right, hop, floss…. That sort of thing which means your guests don’t have to remember all the moves.

The Ceilidhs I run are traditional Scottish ones- that means the dances are fast-paced, social and inclusive. Great for all your guests.

Half the fun of Ceilidh dancing is making mistakes, nobody feels self-conscious about not knowing it- and there is no pressure to get it right. Mistakes are actively encouraged. It’s also a very inclusive form of entertainment.

“ … so I guide them through what to do- left, right, hop, floss….”


Does that mean I teach the dances?

Ceilidhs are nowhere near so technical that you need to be taught how to do it. They are all about being inclusive and being social – if you have any experience of doing this type of dancing when you were in school-my Ceilidhs are a lot more fun and a lot less stressful.

Schuggie Ceilidhs_Dancing on your wedding day

Photo Credit:  G N Bri Photography

Photo Credit: G N Bri Photography


Is it suitable for beginners?

Definitely! That’s what my role as the Caller is there for. Even those who consider themselves Ceilidh Ninjas still rely on the Caller. What’s a Ceilidh Ninja I hear you ask? Well that’s for another Blog.


How will a ceilidh work for your wedding?

Are you interested? Want to know more and not be sold too. Don’t have a venue or date booked yet?

Get in touch to book a chat by phone or zoom etc. We can talk through what’s involved, how it works and answer any of your questions. I can provide examples of the evening running order, and chat about what you can do for that all-important first dance, ensuring you can relax and enjoy yourselves.

This initial chat is an opportunity for you both to find out how a ceilidh will fit onto your big day. Don’t worry, it isn’t a sales call so you can relax.

Photo Credit:  AES Photography

Photo Credit: AES Photography

Schuggie Ceilidhs_Dancing on your wedding day


Want to learn more?

Shuggies – Ceilidhs
Instagram: @Schuggies_Ceilidhs | Facebook: @WeddingCeilidhs
Pinterest: @SchuggiesCeilidhs


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