2019 wedding trends you need to know about

2019 wedding trends Engage weddings bedfordshire

The Christmas decorations are coming down and we have welcomed a new year in and for some of you that comes with the excitement of being able to say ‘I’m getting married THIS year’.

As we head into 2019 the wedding trends are already on the turn. Throughout 2018 we have seen couples move away from the pastel colours and vintage trends towards something much more chic, personal and modern.

If you are getting married in 2019 or beyond then these are the wedding trends you need to know about.

1) Clear Marquees

Photo credit:  Christine McNally

Photo credit: Christine McNally

With couples still keen to get married in rural spaces, the clear marquee is expected to be huge in 2019. Brides are starting to move away from the traditional option and instead opting for modern marquees which enable you to see your surroundings and watch the stars come out as the sun sets. Poly tunnels are also becoming increasingly popular for both the ceremony and the wedding breakfast – an unusual choice that can be dressed to look beautiful.

2) The freedom to choose your own day

bride and groom in field with sheep Christine McNally

Wedding packages are OUT and personalised weddings are certainly in. Couples no longer want their day dictated to them anymore by a venue, they want to create their own bespoke occasion. 2019 couples want to choose their venue, bring in their own decor and entertainment and even supply their own wine. More and more couples are choosing blank canvases so that they can create their perfect day without the restrictions of a standard package. Celebrant weddings are also on the rise, allowing couples the option to say their vows pretty much anywhere.

3) Doughnut walls and cake tables

In 2019 the wedding cake will no longer stand alone, it will be surrounded by a beautifully curated desert table. These tables are picture perfect and often include mini cakes and macarons to complement the wedding cake design. The doughnut wall is also hugely popular, looking pretty behind the wedding cake and allowing all of the guests to enjoy a sweet treat.

4) Botanical wedding themes

Eucalyptus is definitely the trend to watch for in 2019 with it starting to appear on tables, in bouquets and in stationary design. The greenery is often hanging in giant installations from the ceiling rather than being centre of your tables and adds a luscious element to your day. Brides are also becoming more knowledgeable about where their wedding flowers are coming from – with many choosing locally grown flowers, or even trying to grow their own bouquet.

5) Bright bold colours

The pastel pinks and creams that have graced the wedding stage for many years are finally starting to fizzle out, to make way for bright, bold colour choices. Reds, blues and oranges are starting to break through within bouquets and bridesmaids outfits and I expect to see them taking centre stage in 2019. Neon colours are also making an appearance, with couples opting for neon wedding signs as part of the backdrop to their ceremony and as decor at the reception.

6) Intimate weddings and elopements.

Elopements are definitely on the rise with more and more couples shunning the traditional large scale wedding for a more intimate occasion. These small weddings allow the couple to get married anywhere in the world. They are making a statement that it’s not about a big party, but about making a lifelong commitment to each other.

2019 weddings are definitely about giving more creative freedom to the couple and stepping away from what’s expected. There is no wrong way to plan your 2019 wedding – just make sure it’s about you!


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