5 beautiful 2019 Wedding Floral Trends

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Trends, trends, and more trends. We love them and this time its all things floral. Its incredible how much floral arrangements can set the tone of the day and add such a huge impact and creative flair. Today Sophie from SA floristry is sharing some of the hottest trends that brides are running towards in 2019. Make sure to read on, you’ll want to make sure you’re planning a wedding thats on trend! Take it away Sophie…

I’m super excited to see this year’s wedding season get started! We have had so much to take inspiration from in the past 12 months including two beautiful royal weddings. Large impact displays such as hanging hoops and arches are definitely here to stay! But what’s new for this year? 

  1. Bringing the Outside In

2019 Wedding Floral Trends

As a floral designer I believe the foliage used in my designs are just as beautiful as the flowers. Being an outdoorsy person means I take a lot of inspiration from the nature around me. 

I am finding lots of my brides and grooms coming to me using the words ‘natural’ and ‘loose’ to describe their weddings for 2019 really moving away from the formal and traditional styles.

Wanting to bring the outside in doesn’t mean your only limited to a country garden or woodland. This can also work with Tropical or Mediterranean themes which are on the rise. 

2. Statement Flowers

2019 Floral Wedding Trends Bedfordshire

Having large headed, statement flowers are big for 2019. I am finding brides and grooms wanting to move out from their comfort zone to have something totally unique. 

Look out for Proteas, Anthuriums and Peonies as they are going to be popular this year. 

Focusing these flowers in the bride’s bouquet and statement arrangements such as arch ways is the perfect way to use them. 

3. Bright, Vibrant and Eye Catching

2019 Floral Wedding Trends Bedfordshire

I am seeing a move away from blush and ivory and towards bright colours! Which I LOVE. For me vibrant colours are beautiful, especially when held in front of a white wedding dress.  

This may mean your wedding doesn’t follow a strict colour theme. Instead allowing creativity to take over. Having bright colours will allows all your flowers stand out against the back drop, and ‘pop’ in photos. 

The use of tropical flowers with a bright theme works beautifully, for me this shouts for Cymbidium Orchids! 

2019 is definitely going to be a year of couples finding their creativity and stepping out against the traditional for the unique!

4. Being Eco

We are becoming more aware of the foot print we leave behind. Weddings are no exception. The growth of the ‘foam free’ movement in the world of floral design has taken off in the past twelve months. 

Couples looking at using locally grown produce is on the rise and florists are becoming more aware of the materials we use and are always looking for eco alternatives.

5. Texture from Non-Cut Flowers

2019 Floral Wedding Trends Bedfordshire

Pampas grass is everywhere at the moment. It’s a great addition to large statement pieces which adds a lot of impact and a beautiful texture. 

The use of succulent plants is really popular, either cut and placed into the bride’s bouquet or used as a table decoration in a beautiful terracotta pot. They come in so many different colours, shapes and textured to add something unique. 

Bringing fruit into floral designs is a great way to add a unique spin to your wedding. I love the mixture of cut flowers, foliages and fruits along a banquet table. Or flowers and fruits together to decorate a wedding cake. 

LOVE IT!!! Thank you Sophie for all the awesome inspiration. I’m so excited about the bright colours and loose natural arrangements making debut’s this year. It really speaks to how couples are getting in touch with the environment around them and starting to embrace natural over prim and perfect. As people are becoming more focused on the simple things in life, what better way to express this in the beauty of loosely arranged seasonal flowers.

Are you getting married in 2019? What kind of flowers are you having at your wedding? Do you have a colour scheme or did you choose to just go with bright and colourful as a theme? Let us know in the comments below!


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