10 Wedding Planning mistakes to avoid

Planning a wedding is an adventure, and can feel like a complete minefield at times! Whilst every couple’s wedding planning will differ and have very different priorities, we have put together 10 mistakes to avoid in order to have a smoother planning experience.

Don’t ignore your budget

Planning and agreeing on a budget should be one of the first things you do on your planning journey. When looking at options, chatting with suppliers keep your budget in mind to make sure you don’t bankrupt yourself for your wedding day!

Don’t skip the important vendors

There is no set supplier requirement for your wedding day, but there will be ones that are an absolute need for you personally! If you want to look back and remember the day in vivid detail, you may find that a photographer and videographer should be top of your priority list. Want a stunning dress? Spend time locating the perfect dress/bridal shop. If the party is the most important part of your day, focus your energy on the bar and evening entertainment.

Don’t waste time with traditions

Some traditions will be something you want to make time for, but others may mean nothing to you! Check out 5 Ways you can break wedding traditions and 4 more traditions that you should break for some inspiration to make your day your own.

Don’t let other people have a say

When it comes to things such as your guest list, or menu choices, this is a decision for you and your spouse. Don’t let family expectations dictate your guest list – you are not going to look back and regret not inviting your great auntie 4 times removed if you have never actually met her!

Don’t leave your outfits until the day

Try your wedding outfits on, especially the shoes. Wear them around the house before your big day to make sure they are comfortable and are not going to leave you hobbling with blisters.

Don’t forget to ask questions

Don’t be afraid to ask your vendors and the venue questions, this will help you manage your expectations, and ensure you get your dream wedding.

Don’t leave it too late

Send out your date in some form or another as early as you can, this will ensure your guests can get time off work/arrange travel/arrange childcare.

Don’t have a backup plan

Even if your wedding is booked for the middle of summer, it’s a great idea to have a backup plan should the weather turn against you. Line up umbrellas or a gazebo just in case!

Don’t feel guilty

Plan the wedding you as a couple want, and don’t worry about other peoples expectations. Want a childfree wedding? That’s fine, just be prepared for any guests who cannot make it due to childcare, etc. Want to walk down the aisle by yourself, or as a couple? Great, that sounds fun! Don’t want a sit-down meal? Awesome, there are some wonderful options out there!

Don’t forget to relax

Give yourself time to relax and just breathe leading up to your wedding day! The last thing you want is to be DIY-ing the night before or worrying about nanna arriving on time. Whether you get everything planned in advance, or hand off responsibility to a family member/member of the wedding party, ensure you can enjoy the lead up to your wedding day.


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