10 wedding guest book alternatives

There are so many unique wedding guest book ideas out there, from the truly wacky to the very niche. So if a traditional guest book is not your style, keep scrolling for 10 alternative ideas.


This fun twist to the classic wedding guest book is perfect for a quintessential rustic barn wedding. Have each guest sign or write a message on a Jenga piece and have a guest book you can get out on games nights! Don’t want to use the Jenga game? You can easily display it on a shelf, giving you an excellent talking point.

Polaroid Selfies

If you want a memento of how your guests looked on your wedding day, along with a lovely note, why not opt for a polaroid camera. Ask your guests to take a fun picture and pop their messages on the back. These will be such a beautiful thing to display on your wall or in a coffee table album.


Are you a couple that enjoys travelling? Why not pick up a globe and ask your friends and family to leave sweet messages across it. There are some great options out there to match your individual vibe, for instance, this black globe that will give your guests free rein to write wherever they want.


On the subject of travel, why not create some postcards of your favourite places or locations that you want to visit. You could ask your guests to leave notes or even travel recommendations on them, giving you a wonderfully unique guestbook.


Maps are a wonderful option for your alternative guestbook. It can provide many options, from paper to wood engraving. Additionally, you have the option of a global map or something more specific like the location of your wedding venue.

Fingerprint crafts

Ask your guests to pick a colour and leave a finger (or thumb) print on an art piece. Choose something meaningful to you as a couple and pick a design that you can frame for your decor. Your guests’ fingerprints can be anything from leaves on a tree to balloons.

Couples art

Why not commission an artist to create an illustration of the two of you and ask your guests to leave messages around it? This will give you a stunning piece to hang in your home after your wedding day!

Frame and Pegs

A frame and peg design leave you with the perfect keepsake from your wedding day. This rustic guestbook can be easily personalised for your colour scheme, from the frame to the tags to the cute mini pegs. Leave out luggage tags or similar and have your guests add them to the string once filled out.


Another fantastic keepsake option is to ask your guests to sign some small wooden hearts or whichever shape matches your theme. You can display them however you want, including in a drop down frame, making a fantastic organic decor item for after your wedding.

Coffee Table Book

Grab a copy of your favourite book or an aesthetic coffee table book and allow your guests to sketch, write and doodle through it! Having a book full of notes from your loved ones is lovely to flick through, especially if you have it displayed somewhere you can pick up at random.

What are your top alternative guestlist ideas? Share them with us in the comments below.


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