10 tips to get started with your Wedding planning

10 tips to get started with your wedding planning_engageweddings.co.uk

Starting out on your wedding planning?
We have put together 10 simple tips to help you get started with your wedding planning!

Get Inspired

Think big. Dream big! Use pinterest, instagram and magazines to create and visualise your dream day.

Make decisions with your partner

Important to remember. Make sure to talk through your dream wedding day with your partner. Find out what they want and find the common ground for your must-haves.

Set a budget

Where is your money coming from? Is your wedding being paid for via savings, or are family helping? Break this down into sections such as venue, suppliers, etc.

10 tips to get started with your wedding planning_engageweddings.co.uk

Choose your priorities

Spend more on what you want! After you and your partner have decided on the priorities, align your budget to them. For example, if you have alot of guests, look at a less formal food option, or opt for a gourmet food option if you have a small guestlist.

Visit venues

Research, Visit, Book. Research the venues you may like and then arrange to visit them, don’t underestimate the power of wedding shows too!

Set your date

Remember your budget. When deciding on an available date, consider your budget and don’t go over! A peak date will not only affect the venue price, but your other suppliers too.

10 tips to get started with your wedding planning_engageweddings.co.uk

Find Suppliers

Don’t pick the first one! Visit shows and look at Instagram, blogs and magazines, or visit online directories to find suppliers. Word of mouth is another great source for finding the right supplier. Don’t just pick the first one, but find the perfect supplier.

Research Suppliers

Research your potential suppliers once you have narrowed them down. Look at reviews, photos of previosu weddings / their galleries adn ask trusted sources – friends and family members, other suppliers you trust or even trusted sources such as Engageweddings.co.uk.

Meet Suppliers

Meet and Greet. Meet your potential suppliers face to face ideally, although over zoom/facetime is just as good. See their product close up, or arrange to taste their options. Can they do what they claim?

Book Suppliers

Don’t Panic! Start booking your suppliers starting with those that are a priority (as decided with your partner). Book the priority suppliers as soon as possible, then follow with the rest. Don’t panic about booking your suppliers, there are plenty to go round.

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