10 tips for staying cool on your wedding day

With the UK preparing for a heat wave, you may be wondering how to keep yourself and your guests cool on your wedding day. These 10 simple amendments can be made to your wedding day without too much stress, making the day much more comfortable for you, your guests, and your spouse!

Stay Hydrated…

The minimum you can do on a hot day is ensure everyone has access to water throughout your day to help keep cool. Reach out to your venue, and confirm they have water jugs/fountains, etc ready to go for your day. Request that cool water is offered to your guests throughout the day.

…in Style

See if your venue can offer something alittle different with the water to make it slightly more special. Perhaps they could garnish it with fruit, mint, or whatever the kitchen has in season. Additionally, you could see if theres any chance they could add a second option like lemonade, cocount water, or similar – Cocounut Water is on par with sports energy drinks when it comes to hydration!

Cool comfort

Confirm with your makeup artist that they have some heavy duty setting spray prior to your big day. Any professional MUA will have this in their arsenal, especially on hot, sweaty days, but setting your mind at rest in the lead up to your wedding day is always a positive.

Morning wedding prep

When getting ready on the wedding morning, make sure you are doing so in a cool room, with ample fans, AC, or water available. Try to avoid the temptation to drink alchohol whilst getting ready as this will dyhydrate you further. By starting off the day the right way, you and your bridesmaids/groomsmen will feel full of energy.

Keeping cool

Consider changing deodrants in the lead up to your wedding day, ‘men’s’ unscented deodrants are usually more heavy duty than ‘women’s’ deodrant, and wont interfere with your perfume. If you are changing deodrants, it’s a good idea to start using them at least a week before your wedding day to help your body get used to it.


Consider limiting the amount of outdoor photos you have taken, or at least make sure there is ample water and shade available. If your photographer has been to the venue before, and your photographs are planned for the hottest period (11am-3pm), ask them if theres anywhere good for photos inside!

Take Breaks

Brides and Grooms will often tell you they didn’t stop all day, with some even struggling to sit down and eat. This is the time to prioritise yourself, take regular breaks – sit down, and drink some water, preferably in a well conditioned area. Your guests will not expect you to tire yourself out chatting to them all, and will be completely understanding.

Helping your guests stay comfortable

There are a couple of different things you can offer your guests to help with their (and your) comfort on your wedding day. These shouldn’t break your budget, and can be delegated to a member of the wedding party/family member in the lead up to your wedding day, even if its a decision you make a couple of days before.

Sole comfort

Consider offering flip-flops for your guests to change into on your wedding day. Nothing feels cooler on your feet, and will help everyone feel comfortable once the photos and wedding breakfast are finished. Ask someone to order a range of sizes and leave them in baskets in easy places for your guests. This also means you can feel comfortable changing shoes as soon as possible!

Your biggest fans

See if you can get some hand fans for your wedding day, offering them on your tables, or as people arrive will certainly take a step towards helping your guests take the heat seriously on your wedding day – the last thing you want is any guests with heat stroke!


Send a family member to your local boots and load up on different suncreams for your wedding day, strateigically place these around your venue to ensure they are easily accessible for everyone. Bonus – all your guests will remind you of being on holiday.

What are your go-to tips for keeping your wedding day cool? Let us know in the comments!


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