10 reasons why you should be booking a Themed Dance Class for your Hen Party

Planning a hen party is a BIG job, not only do you want it to be perfect for the bride-to-be, but you want everyone to have a great time! That’s where Charlotte from Big Occasion Dance comes in, with her ten reasons you should book a Themed Dance Class for your Hen Party!

You’ve been tasked with making sure the bride-to-be and her friends and family have a hen party to remember. This is no mean feat. You will more than likely be bringing together a group of women who don’t know one another, and perhaps do not have all that much more than knowing the bride-to-be in common. That’s where we can help. Bring together your hen party with the power of DANCE

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Themed dance classes are such a popular choice for Hen Parties. Here’s why…….

  1. They’re so much fun! Our dance classes are an entertaining and enjoyable way to start the hen celebrations. We tailor the classes to you and your guests to ensure everybody has a fantastic time!
  2. Every routine we teach is suitable for all dance abilities. This means that anyone can join in, so we aren’t going to leave any of your guests sitting on the sidelines. 
  3. You will learn some awesome new dance steps! Take your new moves and bust them out on the dance floor whenever and wherever you like. 
  4. We have countless great themes for you to choose from including The Spice Girls, Charleston, Jive, and Cheerleading. How about a classic movie theme? You can even give us a bespoke theme and we will tailor the dance steps for you. 
  5. You can perform your new dance routine at the wedding itself – just be sure to check with the bride first 😊
  1. A themed dance party is going to be an experience that will not be forgotten. The fun, laughter and not to mention, awesome routine you learn, will be spoken about and maybe even performed, for years to come. 
  2. Your Hen Party is going to feel fabulous once they’ve nailed that routine. Watch their confidence soar! 
  3. Dance is the perfect way to get the girls together and create lasting memories, and a great way to get all the hens in a party mood.
  4. Dancing makes you feel good. Who doesn’t want to feel good? 
  5. Did we mention that the Bride goes free on all of our dance packages? With all of this in mind, the question should be WHY NOT choose a Themed Dance Party for your hen do? 

At Big Occasion Dance we can also provide you with your custom sashes, perfect for those picture moments. We will ensure that you capture those picture moments by taking all the photos for you. And, finally, we offer a free venue search service for our Hen Parties, ensuring you and your hens have the perfect venue to showcase your dancing talents. 

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