10 easy group shot poses for your wedding day

When you think of bridal party photos, you often picture bridesmaids holding their bouquets in front of them, everyone standing straight in a neat row. These are the standard for a reason, they look great, and show off you, your partner and the important people on your wedding day. However, these are not the only poses you can use on your wedding day, Wani of Wani Olatunde Photography has a wonderful selection that can show your style and personality.

There are many fun and simple ways that allow your groomsmen and bridesmaids to express their individuality whilst still looking good. By picking any of these group poses, you will have wedding pictures that you love and cherish for years to come! Finding the perfect photographer can ensure your photos are full of fun, energy and individuality, so make sure to find a photographer you click with.

Bridal party photos don’t have to be predictable and dull!


One of my favourite poses, I use this for every wedding! This is a great way to get your wedding party to relax, whilst capturing your groomsmen and bridesmaids reactions. Give your other half a quick kiss, and let your wedding party cheer, for something lovely to look back on.

V formation

This pose is a simple one to prepare and looks fantastic. Whilst you and/ or your partner stand in the middle, have your wedding party form a V from you.

give me a w or m

Very similar to the V formation, but more dynamic, this is ideal for a larger group, and looks particularly good if you have fun with the expressions – from smiles to model poses!


Another great shot to loosen people up. Asking your bridal party to strut their stuff creates something relaxed and truly fun.

celebrity SUNGLASSES

This classic pose is great for your groomsmen, simply ask them to pop on a pair of sunglasses and channel their inner celebrity!

All the groomsmen/bridesmaids

Not only is your wedding day a celebration of you and your partner, but also a day to share your love with your closest friends. Get your groomsmen or bridesmaids together and ask your photographer to capture some natural moments between your party.


This is a classic for a reason, however, it can be easy to look like footballers in a row. Don’t aim to have everyone stand shoulder to shoulder, but use a mixture of directions and expressions to create something creative. Find a beautiful backdrop and recreate a Vanity Fair type photo!

The bridal morning party

Make sure to leave enough time in the morning to get photos of the bride-to-be with her bridesmaids. This is a wonderful reminder of who your favourite people were, and how they supported you throughout your whole day. Channel your style – Keep it casual, or stay fierce!


The key to a perfect group shot is to get everyone looking great individually, and then combine them all. Mix things up with stairs or sofas to add some interest and personality.


Another classic pose that looks great, and is easy to channel your personality through – either serious or playful. Pair everyone up, or put together groups of three if you have an uneven number, and have fun!

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